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How to Fix Error Anonymox – Dunia-It.com

anonymoX is a browser extension that can protect your identity when browsing on the internet. This extension also provides maximum privacy and identity protection. It is not only a problem that there is a possibility that the website can find out your real IP address, but they can also recognize you if you visit the previous website without using a proxy.

In this article I will provide a solution
improvements to overcome various problems that occur in the Anonymox extension
in the browser chrome and mozilla firefox. Here are the problems and solutions

Fixing the error message "IP Anonimox Failed"

If you have previously tried changing the anonymox ip address
firefox or chrome for to country locations,
England, Australia etc. But the failed ip error message appears.

The solution to repair this error is:

  • Do not activate ip changer.firsr.
  • If you have already activated ip changer anonymox. click sign
    X and select the IP of the country you want.

Anonimox Loading continuously and not functioning after being activated

The best solution if you experience this problem is

Removing the Anonymox Extension> then Install
back> Restart Browser> Rerun Anonymox.

An error message appears "Anonymox cannot connect at the moment" in the AnonymoX Extension.

Anonymox is a VPN that helps protect the location of the browser.
You and also add a security layer to your web browser.

So if you don't fix this error, already
surely you cannot use the Anonymox extension. This error occurs usually
After the installation process is successfully installed in your browser.

Before we can fix this problem and
find a lasting solution for that, let's, first of all, know
possible cause you have this error message.

One of the reasons for this error message is that you installed the version
old from the Chrome Anonymox extension on the Chrome browser updated.

The only way to reconnect to Extensions Anonymox
is by using the old chrome version or waiting for the update from Anonymox.

If all of the above methods have not succeeded, please reset your browser first:

  • How to Reset Mozilla Browser Settings

Menu> Help> Reset Firefox

  • How to Reset Google Chrome Browser Settings

Menu> Option> Reset and
clean> Default Reset


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