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How to fix Error 16018 Grab

Usually this error is marked with a closed grab application
automatically and leave an error message 16018. to solve the problem
it is enough to carry out the corrective steps brought this:

1. Restart Your Network

To restart the network, you can simply activate it
Air Plane Mode for about 30 seconds, then deactivate it again. Or
if you use a WIFI connection try to change it to a Data connection
vice versa. And finish by restarting your cellphone

2. Update the Grab Application

If the above method does not work, Update the
Grab application.

3. Clean Cache

Clearing Cache in an application can solve errors
and bugs that are happening. To do this, do the steps

  • Open Settings> Applications> Grab
  • Clear Cache
Clear Cache Grab Application

4. Wait for the fix from the grab.

If all the above methods do not resolve the error problem at
Grab application. Most likely the developer of the grab application is being
do maintenance or repairs. Try waiting a few moments.


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