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How to fix CPU Fan Error on PC / Laptop

Hello everyone!
You encountered an error "CPU Fan Error" on your computer or laptop when booting? Error
that doesn't necessarily happen to the fan
Your CPU. So, don't worry and it's too fast to change the fan on
your computer / laptop. To be honest, in some cases you can only
change some settings to resolve fan error CPU problems
that is. Therefore, let's see how to resolve the "CPU fan error" error
that happened to your computer / laptop.

Why error message "CPU Fan Error
"Can appear?

In general,
there are several causes for this error on your computer or on your laptop. By
so to fix this "CPU Fan Error" error, you also have to first
find out the reason why you can get an error like that, between
the reason for triggering the "CPU Fan Error" is:

1). Fan settings in the BIOS do not

before you have opened the BIOS as possible
just accidentally or intentionally reset fan CPU information to
wrong settings. Honest, in everyday use, when a computer
You cannot detect a CPU fan that is connected or does not detect
fan speed at all because you have changed the fan settings
not exactly. Therefore in the case
like that, change the fan settings back to the default setting
is the step that you should do first.

2). Fan CPU rotation is slow due
by thick dust.

In general, the error message "CPU Fan Error" can also be caused by a fan that rotates too slowly or even does not rotate at all. Therefore, the step you must take is to check and clean your CPU fan / fan first. If this happens on your PC simply open the CPU and clean all the fans from dust using a brush and soft cloth.

If it happens on a laptop, you can see the video below: How to clean the FAN CPU on a laptop

3). Your CPU fan is not connected
correctly / loose.

Are you
sure you have connected your PC / Laptop CPU fan correctly? Before
Your laptop / computer crashed? CPU Fan Error can also be caused due to
connection that is loose or damaged? Make sure
Your PC / Laptop CPU fan is properly connected.

4). Your CPU fan has been damaged.

The trigger for the CPU Fan Error error message is because of
Your computer / laptop is overheating. The solution is to replace
Fan components that are dead or damaged.

Before you replace, make sure the first step to the third above is already done
You do.


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