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How to fix an invisible image in the Android Phone Gallery

Today, a friend of mine experienced a problem in his android photo gallery which was suddenly lost or invisible from the built-in gallery phone apps and some other third party apps . But we can see the photo that is not visible in the gallery was in the default folder where we save the picture / photo. So it's not true if you assume that the photo / image is gone forever from your android phone, but it just can not be seen in the default gallery app android phone, but can see the photo in "folder manager".

What Causes This Problem Occurred?

Well, this may also happen to you, when you encounter the words " Nomedia" on your phone's gallery. Possible cause is:

You previously used the Hidden feature of either the app from Google Play or from android, or before you created a new folder and named ". Nomedia". Then, move the data you want to hide into the "nomedia" folder. This is why this image file / image is invisible in your mobile gallery.

How to fix this problem?

It's easy to fix the problem. Open File Manager on your android and locate folder ". Nomedia ". After that, restart your device. Then all the problems will be finished.


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