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How to fix an error on Mediafire

Mediafire is one of the best and free storage services. This service is also provided Free and Unlimited Space which gives you the freedom to download unlimited files. That is why MediaFire is most preferred by people from other hosting services. But there are some problems with mediafire, which is an error that occurs when we access or download a file on Mediafire. If you are experiencing error problems when accessing or downloading files on mediafire, here are the steps to fix them:

There are several reasons that cause errors in mediafire this occurs:

  • Blocked by browser cookies
  • Blocked by Antivirus
  • Blocked by DNS server

let's see how to get rid of this problem ….

  1. Removing Cache / Cookie / History Browser

If the problem cannot be downloaded due to a browser cookie, you must delete Cache / Cookie / History Browser first.


In the browser here I use Firefox:

  • Select Menu> Option> Privacy & Security
  • Select Clear History
  • and make sure tab Cookies & Site Data has been checked "accept cookies and site data from website (recommended)"
  • Then restart bro wser and try again accessing the file you want to download on mediafire

If the method above does not work, do the following method:

  1. Open a Blocked DNS

If you use the office / campus / school internet network, usually the network admin will block the mediafire port to open it. You can use additional applications such as [19659020] KeepSolid VPN Unlimited and other similar applications.

  1. Deactivate your Antivirus for a while.

Multiple downloads are blocked by web controls on Antivirus. In this case you have to deactivate Anti Virus, then try downloading the file that you want to download on media fire again.


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