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How to fix an error on Facebook / Facebook

Right now
this might be everyone's profile on Facebook. And maybe too
most young people have moved from facebook to Instagram. However
in fact, there are still many of us who use the Facebook application on
Android and iPhone devices. Facebook application, similar to the application
others that are not free of errors, bugs and crashes. If you are currently facing
error problem on the Facebook application on
your Android device, in this article
, I will share ways and solutions to correct errors that occur
on the Facebook application. Let's start step by step below:

If you ask your friends who are technologists for
fix problems on your mobile device, the first frequent solution
they give is restarting the cellphone. Why is that? Because of that with
restarting your cellphone and other devices serves to refresh and eliminate bugs in
your mobile and device applications and operating systems.

  • Logout From the Facebook Application

If restarting your device does not resolve the error
is going on, try for Logout from
your facebook application first and then log in

  • Clean Cache and Data on Android Applications

How to: Go to Application Menu> search Facebook application>
Select Clear cache & data

  • Facebook Application Update on Android

Open Play Store Application> My Apps> Search Application
Facebook> Select Update

  • Delete and Reinstall the Facebook Application

Try to delete and then reinstall the application
facebook on your Android phone.

  • Turn off the "Disable Power Saving Mode" Feature

Sometimes the power saving mode or battery optimizer mode can also
causes an application to become an error. To check whether the Facebook application is
error caused by this feature, you need to deactivate power saving mode

To do this, open Settings on your device and tap
Battery. Here, deactivate Battery Saver mode. Or, turn off the mode
Battery Saver from Quick Settings in the Notification panel.

*** Note: If you have tried all the solutions mentioned above, but the Facebook application is still in error, it is possible that the Facebook is doing a maintenance process. I suggest you wait for the next update to resolve this error.


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