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How to fix a moving mouse pointer on Windows 10 / 8/7

Have you ever
You have a Mouse Pointer that moves itself to the top left corner or to a certain angle?
Why does my computer mouse cursor continue to jump on the screen? Or,
How can I fix the problem the mouse pointer automatically moves to
the top corner of the screen? etc.

get some questions like this, I decided to share
some quick and easy ways to fix mouse pointer problems. As
As a result, I found three effective methods to correct pointer movement problems
this mouse.

the problem of this self-moving mouse pointer is faced by the user
Windows that uses a Windows laptop or desktop computer that uses it
Touchscreen display.

are some of the Solutions to improve the Moving Mouse Pointer by yourself
in Windows:

First Solution: Calibration settings
Tablet PC in Control Panel.

in most cases, the problem of the mouse pointer that moves itself occurs
because the touch calibration is bad on your computer. If you
using a touch screen laptop or a Windows computer then touch screen calibration
reset is the first solution to overcome this problem. How:

Step 1:
First of all, open Control Panel> Hardware
and sound.

Step 2:
Search icon Tablet PC settings

Step 3:
select "Calibration of the screen for pen or touch input."

Step 4:
Next, click the button Calibrate to continue.

Step 5:
After the calibration has finished successfully, your problem. Restart the computer

*** If the above method doesn't work
You can do the steps below:

Solution Two: Disable the feature
/ Touch screen.

The touch screen feature on a laptop / computer / desktop is also one
the most effective way to overcome this problem.

This method
you can apply, if the first step above doesn't work for you.


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