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How to Find Items Now or New on Facebook with Marketplace Features

How to Search for Items New or New on Facebook With Marketplace Features according to the area and the latest real time posting. In this day and age we can buy used or second hand items in accordance with our respective regions. Since the Facebook display update has now penetrated the marketplace. Even more great is this feature can help us all to find items that are in accordance with our respective desires. In 2016 until 2017 we find it very difficult to find items. The only access to reach there is by establishing a sales group. What we are now familiar with is the Buy and Sell Forum (FJB) or the Buy and Sell Exchange (BJB). This is where local facebook players can exchange information about goods sold. Or interest in buying goods.

However, the buying and selling group made on the joint initiative has many shortcomings. For one thing, if you post sales items or products. So at the same time who can see your product is someone who is online. If not, the item will be covered by posting other new products. The first update from Facebook if there are any posts that comment then the post can go up again. If no one comments, the post will sink and will not be seen again. Well, aware of things like this, sales are less powerful, and then Facebook launches a search feature in the marketplace that can make it easier for you.

Sometimes if you want to buy goods online it's very difficult. Moreover, these items are electronic goods. Where if you don't immediately try or see directly then you won't understand. In addition, this electronic item is sensitive, there should be no kickbacks or shocks. Which causes maybe the item was good. When it arrived at the place there were many functions which finally died completely and became minus. Even though you have a warranty card and others, your view is still lacking in online purchases. In addition, the items sent arrived also need time.

Well different from this facebook marketplace we can reach certain places. Even with a certain distance and radius. Reach 1 city in order to expand the traceability of the items we want. In addition, the victory is that we know the place where the counter or product store sells cheap goods. If they post their product product on Facebook.

How to Find Items Now or New on Facebook with Marketplace Features

Actually this is recycling through a posting system in the group but can be filtered through the place and date of the latest posts. Search can be more specific because it is only issued according to the type of item typed in the search column.

So for friends who want the items to also come out in the Facebook marketplace. You just have to post on the page or buy and sell facebook groups. Later, your items will automatically come out in search of the marketplace.

Now while looking for the item, let's look at the following steps:

1. Please open your Facebook and login to your account respectively.

2. If you have logged in, please click the following link: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/

3. If it appears like the following display, please search for your freedom, for example, I want to find the item "laptop". and typing the name of the city you want to search for, for example, I entered "Tanjungpinang"

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 4. Then the laptop sales category will come out according to the area and date of posting. You can maximize by searching by price and expanding area search with radius. </p>
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 5. How easy is that friend right?</p>
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