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How to Fill in a Complete Facebook Ads Balance

How to Fill in a Complete Facebook Ads Balance ~ In this article I will give a little explanation about how to add or fill in the fb ads balance that we can later use to advertise on Facebook itself. About two days ago I tried to advertise on Facebook. but the panel is very confusing, references on the internet that may be incomplete. well here I will try to discuss the total details of the fbads.

For those of you who have a job as Internet Marketing, Online Business, and Blogger are also obligatory and know the right side of advertisers and potential for promotional media. Facebook is a social media that is used by millions of people in Indonesia, including me, this proves that Facebook has also been known by many people and of course this can be a very good media campaign in my opinion.

Facebook now also opens advertising media that we can use to promote the product or service that we have, of course with the price and time period that we can set ourselves. according to my experience using fbads is great for promotion, customers or customers quickly arrive at my services. there are some fbads services that you can use, starting from like the page if you use the Facebook Fan Page, click on the site link etc.

We go back to the initial topic on how to fill in the Facebook ads balance, to fill in the balance very easily and simple, don't be afraid to transfer to facebook because your money will be safe in the records you transfer correctly, so please read this article until it's finished, before you fill in the balance to your facebook ads.

Currently there are about 3 payment methods available can be used, namely credit or debit cards, ATMs and Bank Transfers that are commonly used by Indonesians, can also be through the Ad Coupons that you get from Facebook. of the three payment methods above I will explain and practice for payment methods via ATM and bank transfer only. because it is commonly used by the public and is easy of course too.

How to Fill in the Complete Facebook Ads Balance

Make sure you already have a Facebook Fanpage for your advertisement or promotion later …
Please Make a Facebook Fanpage Click Here .

After Creating a Facebook Fan Page,
Go to the Billing Facebook Page to Add a Payment Method. Click the link below
Facebook Ads Billing .

Display will appear like this:

 Facebook Billing page "border =" 0 "data-original-height =" 662 "data-original- width = "1365" src = "https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-u549lryry6A/W4M6FqS3dgI/AAAAAAAAD5U/pXR-00du2UUl74xYfOlC9AGxZPOaDGuMgCLcBGAs/s1600/1.PNG" title = "Facebook Billing Page" /> </a></div>
 Select Add Your Payment Method. </p>
<div class=  Add Payment Methods to Facebook Ads "border =" 0 "data-original-height =" 395 "data-original-width =" 457 "src =" https: //4.bp.blogspot. com / -qJWFqdKjH1Y / W4M6b4it_TI / AAAAAAAAD5c / pih6gy01Nu8EDhWTcBqL2g-ZRvWu02_DACLcBGAs / s1600 / 2.PNG "title =" Add Facebook Ads Payment Method "/> </a></div>
 There are 3 Payment Methods You Can Use, Select Via <b> ATMs and Banks Transfer Only </b> People Use.</p>
<div class=  How to Fill in a Complete Facebook Ads Balance "border =" 0 "data-original-height =" 378 "data-original-width =" 501 "src =" https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-BI6CwpMY4Vw /W4M6p-TtclI/AAAAAAAAD5g/56vFqVO2iiQ5vQABzGso8YAMFnr6y1FwgCLcBGAs/s1600/3.PNG "title =" How to Fill in a Complete Facebook Ads Balance "/> </a></div>
 Then, Continue And A Window Will Appear As Picture Below </p>
<div class=  Add FB Ads Balance" border = "0" data-original-height = "301" data-original-width = "452" src = "https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-xx_AIvIPJW0/W4M6y1_ZduI/AAAAAAAAD5k/izymUBSa3WMQi04NXOMmvOewIfJZt7RqgCLcBGAs/s1600/4.PNG "title =" Adding FB Ads Balance "/> </a></div>
<p> Enter the NOMINAL that you want to fill in to advertise on Facebook, according to their individual needs, for example I want to fill in the balance of fbads of 200,000 in rupiah. </p>
<div class=  Balance Payments Facebook ads "border =" 0 "data-original-height =" 400 "data-original-width =" 993 "src =" https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-qDHgafMtkaI/W4M7D4L75kI/AAAAAAAAD5w/iVLSLIQyb- YBh iqtdCSuZnHwh9Mye9xbwCLcBGAs / s1600 / 5-6.png "title =" Payment Balance To Facebook ads "/> </a></div>
<p> Follow the Instructions In Accordance with the Image above, Select <b> Make Payments </b> And <b> Continue </b> .. . </p>
<div class=  Transaction Balance for Facebook Ads "border =" 0 "data-original-height =" 673 "data-original-width =" 824 "src =" https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-oyDbTWVnZA0/ W4M7WUQ9f0I / AAAAAAAAD54 / 0OzhPDDvBb89EVX-9vuXU_I8o_cBvpB_QCLcBGAs / s1600 / 7.PNG "title =" Transaction Balance Facebook Ads "/> </a></div>
 Pop Up Will Appear As This, Read Details How To Transfer It Under </p>
<blockquote class=

Note: Transfer To Bank Account, Payment Code: Is the Account Number, Permata Is 013: Is the Bank Name and the Bank Code, Amount: Is the Transfer Amount You Must Transfer Earlier.

If You Have Successfully Made a Transaction … You Will Faced With Notifications Like This …


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