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How to Extend the Latest XL Active Period 2019

Generally, your XL card has an active period of 30 days. If within that period you have not reactivated the XL card will be automatically blocked. The solution to reactivating a blocked XL card is to visit the call center. This of course is very troublesome for you. Therefore, you should not forget to extend XL's active period. The XL card that has expired has indeed made you upset.

Especially if the card still has the remaining internet, telephone, credit and sms packages. Of course it's unfortunate isn't it? So, from now on you should pay more attention to the active period of the XL card you have. Because extending the active period of XL provider cards is actually quite simple. In 2019 the menu on XL card services was very different from before. Therefore it is not uncommon for people to be very confused if they start taking active periods.

The example in the previous article admin also posted on how extended XL's active period . If you follow the way in the post, the post is outdated. For this reason, the admin then decided to update this post. There are several effective methods and methods for taking active periods for service users of this XL simcard card. And some of these methods you should know so as not to confuse the active period.

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 Charging pulses </h2>
<p>The first way to avoid your XL card from a grace period or a blocked risk is <br />
by topping up. The process of charging your own credit can be done at the nearest counter, ATM, <br />
website and official application of XL provider. After topping up, your XL card will get <br />
varying active period. Below is the details of the active period based on the nominal amount. </p>
<li> Credit Rp. 5,000.00 7-day active period. </li>
<li> Credit Rp.10,000.00 10-day active period. </li>
<li> Credit Rp.25,000.00 35 days active period. [19659008] Credit Rp 50,000.00 active period of 45 days. </li>
<li> Credit Rp. 100,000.00 90 days active period. </li>
 Buying internet, sms and telephone packages </h2>
<p>In addition to filling out regular pulses, you can also extend XL's active period through <br />
purchase internet packages, sms and telephone. Compared to the first way, then the way that <br />
both of these are more save on your expenses. Why is that? Because only by <br />
paying Rp. 10,000.00 You have received an active period of a month. </p>
<p> Extending the active period of your XL card through the purchase of an internet package, sms and telephone can be done in two ways. The first way you can do this is by accessing the dial menu up via the smartphone. Meanwhile, you can do the second way by buying it through the MyXL application or website. Here are the details of both ways. </p>
 Through the dial up menu </h2>
<li> First, type * 123 # on the dial up board of your smartphone. </li>
<li> After that, select option number 2, "Internet XTRA Combo". [19659008] The next step, select option number 4 or "XTRA Quota." </li>
<li> Then, information about the internet package you choose will be displayed. </li>
<li> Finally, select the "Yes" option to continue purchasing internet packages and get active period [19659008] 30 days. </li>
 Through the MyXL application or website </h2>
<li> The first step you have to do is open the MyXL application or website. </li>
<li> Next, select the "Buy Package" menu marked with a red box. </li>
<li> Select type of package that suits your needs. </li>
<li> If it is considered suitable, then select the "Buy" option to make a purchase. </li>
 How to Buy the active period of XL card </h2>
<p>Not only through purchasing credit, internet packages, sms and telephone, you can age XL cards. <br />
extended by buying an active period. When compared with the two methods above, <br />
purchasing active period is also relatively simple. Below is a sequence of steps that you can apply to buy the XL card's active period. </p>
<li> Access your dial up menu, then type * 123 * 8484 #. </li>
<li> At this stage, you will be offered a variety of active periods. Starting from the cost of Rp. 2,500.00 to Rp. 110,000.00 </li>
<li> Select the active period if according to your preferences. </li>
<li> Type number 1 as a sign to agree to extend the active period. </li>
 Extending XL's active period is important because You can continue to use the card.<br />
the same without the need to change cards. However, it is stressed to be so busy with daily routines <br />
or for reasons of forgetting sometimes you forget to extend the active period of the XL card. Therefore, <br />
considering the importance of the XL card's active period, you should check it regularly.</p>
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