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How to Extend System Partition in Windows 10 without Losing Data – iSumsoft

Does anyone know how to extend system partition in Windows 10 without deleting or formatting the second or third drive/partition?” My hard drive is divided into C, E, and F partitions, C drive (system partition) can be used to store the operating systems. But after using a PC for a while, the number of storage operating systems increased, now I find my system partition (C drive) is almost full. Now my problem is that I don’t want to format or delete my E or F partitions to make room to expand the system partition. So I wonder if there is any way to extend the system partition (C drive) without deleting or formatting the E.F partition?

If your system partition (Windows C drive) runs out of free space, your computer may slow down or even cause other problems. Fortunately, we have a way to help expand the system partition, for example, there is a utility clone software developed by the iSumsoft platform – iSumsoft Cloner. It allows you to easily clone system to SSD for expanding the system partition without losing data. In the article, we’ll show you how to extend system partition without losing data in Windows 10.

What you need to do before extending the system partition

Before cloning a Windows operating system to SSD, you need to do the following:

  • Connect the new greater capacity of SSD into your PC and initialize it into two or more partitions by opening Disk Management.
  • Ensure that the SSD has more free space than the system partition.
  • You can defragment the disk before cloning to make the process as soon as possible.
  • Download and install iSumsoft Cloner on the PC. (7-day free trial)

How to extend system partition in Windows 10

iSumsoft Cloner is a professional, safe and reliable Windows cloning software. It provides you with professional and convenient Copy features – clone system disk to SSD to extend your system partition without data loss. What’s more, you can also set the computer’s first boot as SSD drive, which can be used as a new system drive. Now, let’s look at how to copy system partition from HDD to SSD.

Step 1: Run iSumsoft Cloner, the software page displays all disk partition information. Locate the Copy feature in the left menu and click on the Copy button to clone the system to SSD.

locate the Copy feature

Step 2: Select the system partition (C drive) that needs to extend its space as the source target, and select a partition in the SSD as the destination target.

select the partition for HDD and SSD

Step 3: Click the Start button to execute the copy process. At this point, a small window will pop up to remind you that the destination partition will be formatted. Please confirm the Copy operation. You can click the OK button to continue.

start executing the Copy process

Note 1: The files of the destination target will be formatted/cleared. If the target disk is not empty, please pay attention to the backup work! If so, ignore it.

Note 2: If the target disk is in GPT format and your GPT disk does not have a FAT partition, a new FAT partition needs to be allocated before performing the Copy operation. If you select the MBR format, you will not be prompted to create the new FAT partition.

Step 4: When the Copy operation completes successfully, the software will pop up a ”Mission completed!” flag.

a Mission completed prompt pops up

Tips: If you want to clone other partitions from your HHD to the new SSD, repeat mentioned above to realize it.

You can restart your PC and press the required key to enter the BIOS. Next, set the PC to boot from SSD by moving the SSD drive to the first boot device. After your computer boots up from the SSD drive, your Windows 10 runs just as well as on your HDD. And you will find that the operating systems on your C drive are completely saved and the system partition has larger space.


iSumsoft Cloner enables you to easily and safely clone system to the SSD to extend system partition in Windows 10. Choosing iSumsoft Cloner for an extended system partition will make your computer run faster, make everything you do every day easier, and now it’s here. Why not choose it and try it? Indeed, the day after its official release, many Windows users were eager to use and test it, praising its performance and advanced features. Hope you to this software also can have a good experience.

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