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How to Export Adobe Premiere to mp4 (H.264 Video Rendering) Work !!!

How to Export Adobe Premiere to mp4 (H.264 Rendering Video) Work !!! – Hi, all the old ones did not meet. I am now updating posts on my blog to find out how to export files in adobe premiere that we have made to mp4 format so that the sizenya file also becomes small. so also this method will work in adobe after effect if you install it on your PC at the same time. for Windows, it is a bit different from Macintosh because in Windows it doesn't have the default format like h.264 in the application, therefore we have to need a help application called Quick Time Alternative which is usually also used by others if they use Windows as their operating system. use.

On this occasion I will share my experiences about adobe premiere to all of you, especially readers of this blog. okay before I start to practice it will be better you have to understand the system of working methods that I will explain, therefore don't read directly to the practice points because it is also impossible that you will understand. here I will explain first if you use the Windows operating system, if you use imac it is impossible to error like this hehe … okay I start here first …

In the Operating System Windows does not have the default format for exporting h264 or ordinary files you often call this mp4. it may not exist or exist on the windows above, so I don't know too much. but so far maybe the majority of you use Windows 7 like I use, then you will get the same obstacles as I experienced.

* Read from here … *

Alternative Quick Time here is very necessary or must be installed on your computer so that the h264 format that you want appears, you could say this is an additional plugin for Windows, even though the application or software is actually the property of Macintosh. but now it is available for download on the internet for use on the Windows operating system.

So as I explained above, you must first install Alternative Quick Time on each of your PCs … now by any chance there are special windows for you to download on link below.

Please At Download Here …

After downloading you must install it on each of your computers, please install as usual you install other software on your PC.

If the Alternative Quick Time is already installed properly on your PC, then the next step is to read my explanation below ..

How to Export Adobe Premiere to mp4 (H.264 Video Rendering) Work !!!

Before Entering This Step * Please Read Above First * Now Don't Understand Deh ..

If you have read it, the next step is to explain a little of me …

Basically [adobe premiere] this is a package with adobe encoder as well as adobe after effect one package with adobe encoder.

[1945911] What is Adobe Encoder?

Adobe Encoder is a special software created by Adobe that is used to render a video into the desired format including mp4 or commonly called H.264. this software is usually a package with adobe premiere which is used to render videos that you have created or edited in adobe premiere.

So you could say this is additional software to complete the tool to make the video finished.

Well here for default from adobe encoder there is also no default format for exporting mp4 files, so I suggest to install the Quick Time Alternative above, its function is to export the file to mp4 or you could say to add a new extension.

If you already know a little of how it works adobe encoder, then we will go into the next stage of explanation.

[Adobe 90] and Adobe Encoder Must Have the Same Version.

It is important to know that the application what you will install on your PC must have the same version, for example I use adobe premiere pro cc 2015.4 then you have to install adobe enc oder pro cc 2015.4 Also, because different versions will not support the program running properly … sorry, I can't handle the download link for these 2 software, you can search on google to download it.

And Install Adobe Premiere With In the important version of the Adobe Encoder the version must be the same …

If you have read it from the beginning, we will go straight into the practice of guys …

How to Export Adobe Premiere Ke mp4 uses Adobe Encoder.

1. Open the Adobe Premiere Anda Application.

2. Prepare the Video You Have Edited.

3. Click >> Export >> Media ..

Then it will appear as shown below …

 how to export adobe premiere to mp4 " border = "0" data-original-height = "767" data-original-width = "635" height = "320" src = "https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-k9tlnjKO0To/XDdqMfidc1I/AAAAAAAAEko/ nZ9lM20YDrALDLyxIUuDKcj3hfm5AfJ3wCLcBGAs / s320 / 1.png "title =" adobe premiere export method to mp4 "width =" 264 "/> </a></div>
 Then a dialog will appear as below </p>
<p> 4 See <b> Format >> Select H .264 </b><br /><b><br /></b><br />
<div class=  export adobe premiere mp4 "border =" 0 "data-original-height =" 768 "data-original-width =" 1366 "height =" 179 "src =" https: //1.bp.blogspot .com / -K_EkKNoSWfw / XDdqUuTDlTI / AAAAAAAAEks / mMaASe8kMY8QNf9BU-tFaHLF8SYw98dlgCLcBGAs / s320 / 2.png "title =" export adobe premiere mp4 "width =" 320 "/> </a></div>
 5. Then Click <b> Queue </b><br /><b><br /></b><br />
<b> Then </b> Adobe Encoder Will Open Automatically … </p>
<div class=  export adobe premiere to mp4 "border =" 0 "data-original-height =" 768 "data-original-width = "1366" height = "179" src = "https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-0A1T7QAFgik/XDdq-3xhNII/AAAAAAAAEk4/TRsg6usaP4U1CsiK0mbnqkC-XqcRqZjhgCLcBGAs/s320/3.png" title = "export adobe premiere to mp4 "width =" 320 "/> </a></div>
 6. Select / Click Logo Play As shown in the arrow above … </p>
 7. Wait for the Render Video Process to Finish … </p>
 8. If it is … Please Check The file will look like the picture below … </p>
<div class=  adobe premiere cc export mp4 "border =" 0 "data-original-height =" 585 "data-original-width =" 665 "height =" 281 "src = "https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Aq1x7y_E3lU/XDdrhy1uvrI/AAAAAAAAElA/moix4oasvL83La0WMJrVFgneSS1E5xwkwCLcBGAs/s320/4.png" title = "export mp4 adobe premiere cc" width = "320" /> </a></div>
 9. Completed … </p>
<p> The result has been mp4 Not? </p>
<p> If you follow the steps from the beginning, it will work as I did … </p>
<p> It is a bit complicated, but slowly it definitely works … </p>
<p> Okay So for the first time this tutorial entitled "<a href= How to Export Adobe Premiere to mp4 (H.264 Rendering Video) Work !!! " hopefully it can be useful for all of you, if there is a writing error I'm sorry, I'm saying goodbye wassalamm …


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