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How to Exit / Logout From WhatsApp Web

How to Exit / Logout From WhatsApp Web ~ If you have previously read my post entitled How to Use WhatsApp on PC / Laptop then this post is a continuation, how do I exit all devices login alias exit this web whatsapp. the way is quite easy. in this article I will discuss full about how to exit or logout on whatsapp web. For those who are confused after logging in, they are confused about how to exit, you are in the right place. logout is very necessary for our privacy, so as to prevent others from seeing our chat, we must first log out.

In order to avoid unpleasant things, avoid chat plows or the like. You need to log out on whatsapp web if it is not used again. maybe there is a friend who is fun, it could or not, to avoid the treatment above, of course I will give tutors to exit the web whatsapp using several methods, there are 2 ways to exit all devices including any pc but here I will share just one way I consider it the easiest to use for everyone.

WhatsApp Web is really needed for purposes that cannot be done on your smartphone, but you also need to know how to exit or log out of the web whatsapp. please read the guide below.

How to Exit / Logout From WhatsApp Web

To Exit From WhatsApp web, you can logout directly from whatsapp web and can also from your smartphone, now here I will exemplify how to exit all devices automatically and one click. if you are wondering how to please see the method below.

1. Open WhatsApp Messenger Application on Your Smartphone and Choose Wheel 3 Gear Above the Arrow As Picture Below

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