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How to Enable USB Debugging on HP Android (Complete + Image)

In this tutorial article, we will discuss about how to enable USB Debugging on Android phone. Before that, you should first understand what USB Debugging is.

USB Debugging is an debugging option that can be accessed using USB functions on Android and PC. Well, the main function of USB Debugging is to build a bridge between Android and PC devices. With USB Debugging, application developer can test software using Android SDK ( Software Development Kit ). Thus, the developers can ascertain whether the software is running well or not and the problems that occur when the application is run.

In addition, USB Debugging is also used by application developer or Android users to do some things like install custom recovery do root, install custom ROM, and others. To obtain Super User access in every process rooting USB Debugging mode must be enabled so that the files required for Super User access can be entered into the system because USB Debugging allows the user to see part of the file system that initially can not be seen and can read the log files from the android system.

How to Enable USB Debugging on HP Android

How to enable USB Debugging on Android phone? Let's see the steps to enable USB Debugging on HP Android below.

1. Open the Settings menu that exists on your phone.

 how to enable USB Debugging

2. Scroll down on page Settings until you find the About Phone menu. Then, click the About Phone menu.

 how to enable USB Debugging with ease

3. In About Phone select Device Information .

 Device Information

4. Next, press Build Number up to 7 times. After that, you will see the message "You are now a developer" or "Developer mode has been enabled" .

 how to enable bootable USB Debugging or locked

5. Now, you go back to the Setting menu. Then you will find a new menu that is Developer Options or Developer Options on your phone. Press the Developer Options menu.

6. Make sure Developer option You On as marked by purple box (topmost). Then, check the box next to " USB debugging " to enable it.

 USB Debuggin ON

8. Then, a confirmation message appears then press OK to enable USB Debugging

 USB Debuggin ON 1

9. Well, now your USB Debugging is already active. It can be seen from the checkbox USB Debugging as shown below.

 USB Debuggin ON result

So many discussions about how to enable USB Debugging on Android phones. Easy and simple, is not it? Well, hopefully the above article useful and good luck. Thanks!


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