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How To Eliminate Online Status In Android Whatsapp

Tips Whatsapp – How how to get rid of online status in whatsapp android ? Maybe a little people who know whatsapp application has a feature where we can not to look online though whatsapp application in our android phone is not offline. So how how to setting whatsapp to not be seen online ? For that still follow the tips whatsapp we write this time because here we will convey ways – how to hide the online time in whatsapp, remove the online writing on WhatsApp, and how to prevent whatsapp not being typed.

No wonder if now this messager application which is very exciting is nothing other than whatsapp because of the many features that are in it. How to hide online status wa or remove the latest online status in whatsapp be one of the tips that is very liked by users of this android phone chat application. This is because many people do not want to be last seen on whatsapp in the know by others. In other words, whatsapp feature looks offline so we can keep the privacy of the interference of certain parties.

Therefore on this occasion we TechnoEcho will try to share tips to hide online status at the first time time we open whatsapp so as not to be disturbed from others. To disable the last seen whatsapp feature or others do not know we are online in wa this way is easy enough, we only need to change through whatsapp settings only. So no need to bother to do root smartphone android in order to make settings whats app to online status is not seen by other users. How To Eliminate Online Status In Whatsapp Android

Need to get rid of the status of whatsapp on smartphone android Need for us to know that actually features last seen in whatsapp has a function to know when we last seen active / online in whatsapp. So we can see the status of the last time our friends look online listed under the name of our friend. But with the last seen feature is sometimes make ourselves become uncomfortable if we do not reply to messages wa from friends because by reading the message wa it means we just changed the last online status ourselves and our friends know that we have read and did not reply to that message.

Nevertheless it turns out whatsapp party also provides facilities where we can make the settings to the online status is not visible to friends who are in contact wa we are. Curious how to hide whatsapp online status on the android? Let’s follow the steps below if you want to remove the online status (last seen) on whatsapp via android phone.

How to turn off the code online in whatsapp android

If you want to know how to make whatsapp message does not look legible, you need to do include:

  1. To make the settings in order to eliminate the last online status whatsapp we need to enter the wa application on our android phone first. Then as usual after we open whatsapp app, goes into the settings menu by clicking on the three dot icon at the top right and select settings .
     setting the online status on whatsapp
  2. After that click on account and we will be faced with several options but we select only privacy access menu .
  3. In access privacy menu select on section last seen .
  4. In order for the online status of whatsapp not visible even though we often go into the account wa we have so when the last time we are online is not seen by others then we need to change the status of “ everyone “to” no “.

    my contact “it means if we just want to show our last status online wa only on contacts only.

  5. That way everyone will not know the last time we go online on whatsapp application on the android phone that we have it.

However, if we have done the setting for online status / last seen whatsapp does not appear but by opening the message will make the message a blue tick that indicates the message has been read.

Or in general, if we do not want the status last posts do not change and friends in contact whatsapp we do not see the notification that we are typing typing the message then the following way of answering the offline mode message version of the Now Age:

  1. First of all before we open a message whatsapp make sure that the android smartphone we have is not connected to the internet (entered in flight mode)
  2. After the android phone is not connected to the internet, please open the incoming message then reply
  3. Then exit the Application and restart the cellular data network or re-connect the smartphone to the internet
  4. That way the message will be sent after Whats app back to normal work with status condition fixed Offline

Similarly offline howsapp on android so that online status do not see other people we can convey on this occasion. Hopefully the steps – steps above can help us all in maintaining the privacy that we have, umpteen and thank you ..


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