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How to eliminate Notifications "can't active SIM Card" on all Xiaomi phones

Often cellphone owners
Xiaomi failed to activate the SIM card so the notification "can't active" appears
SIM Card ". The manufacturer claims that activation via Mi
Account improves Xiaomi mobile security. However
sometimes users make mistakes that can cause problems. When registering a Mi Account via email, we can just type the wrong phone number or miss it
at all. The problem can appear for internal bugs
firmware installed, or identification of the wrong telephone number, or
device failure that runs under custom ROM. In
any thing the user gets a notification message " Your SIM card is
not activated
" SIM card activation error" or "can’t active SIM
Card ".
The message core is the same! i.e. your SIM Card is not Active.

How to activate the SIM card on the official Xiaomi website

This is an easy and effective method if the cause of this problem is an error registering the Mi Account. To use this method we must enter the official website of Xiaomi https://account.xiaomi.com and enter the Mi Account login and password. Then open the "Security" tab and enter the telephone number (check if it's correct, if not, correct). All that's left is to tap "Change" and wait for the incoming SMS on your cellphone. This message will contain the code that will be entered into the website.

Enter the number manually

This method can work if the cause of the problem is a number identification. When you get a SIM activation error message, tap the notification. You will see a failed SMS message. Then you have to keep tapping the button repeatedly for 3-4 times until the telephone number input window opens. Enter the active telephone number. SIM activation problem will be Completed.

*** Note:

However, if it appears "can't active SIM Card 2" means SIM
Card 2 has not been activated, and you know that SIM Card 2 is not available
SIM card at all, then you can ignore this method.

If all the above methods haven't
managed to eliminate the "can 't notification
active SIM Card "
we recommend checking your firmware to do it
update first. It is possible that that version
You use it contains bugs that have been successfully fixed in more versions
new. In this case you must update your firmware.
If this doesn't help, then you are using an Operating System
MIUI which is not official or costum.

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