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How to Edit Microsoft Word on an Android Phone (Complete + Picture)

Writing is always a necessity at any time, or even every day. Writing can be done anywhere and anytime. Writing does not need to require a pencil or pen and book, but it turns out writing can also be done in a digital way.

Writing becomes a pleasant experience or habit because it can pour a variety of things. Not only that, the need for writing is also usually used for fulfilling tasks or work being done.

So writing is not only done for free, but also structured. One way that can be done to be able to write anywhere is to write using a smartphone. Today, in this modern era, sophisticated smartphones are owned by almost every individual. So there is no difficulty to write anywhere and anytime.

How to Edit Microsoft Word on an Android Phone

Following are the steps you can take to write using a smartphone through Microsoft Word. In this article, the Microsoft Word application that is used is the version of Google Docs that can be accessed through an Android phone.

1. Make sure you have the google docs for android application installed on your cellphone or smartphone

2. Select the word application ( Google Docs ) that is already installed on your device, on the application menu

 Open Google docs

3. Select the document you want to edit

 How to Edit Microsoft Word on Android Mobile

4. The document page will open, and you can see how the initial page in the document is the contents of the document. Each document will have a different start page, because it depends on the contents of each document. So that the contents of the start page will not be the same in every document stored on the device.

5. To edit documents, you need to click on the pencil icon located at the bottom

 Select the pencil (word) icon

6. After pressing the button, you will enter the editable word display.

On this page, you can edit the document you want. You can insert various kinds of images, tables and other shapes that can support the contents of your document. Not only that, you can also embed links in your documents. So you can immediately connect and go to the link when you click it.

 How to Edit Microsoft Word on Android Mobile for Beginners

7. When you have finished editing the document, you must click on icon check to save the document. This is done so that the document that you have finished editing can be saved on your device. That way, you can edit the document again when you need to edit the document. By editing via the Android mobile phone to be an easy way to do and do not require other devices to be able to edit documents.

 How to Edit Microsoft Word on an Android Phone easily

With a number of ways to edit Microsoft Word on an Android cellphone or smartphone it will be easier for you to be able to carry on your writing activities. So that there are no obstacles or difficulties to write must use a laptop.

Now writing using Microsoft Word can be accessed via a smartphone or Android phone. Your time in working on documents that are jobs or tasks that you have to complete can be put to good use. Because there is no need to open and turn on a computer or laptop just to edit the document.

The process of editing a document is as easy as if you are chatting on a social media application, like writing a normal chat while editing a document on a word application installed on an Android phone . Hopefully this article is useful for you.


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