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How to easily reply to automatic SMS on Android (complete)

One of the communication media which is very easy to use is SMS. No need to use internet but only use credit. Although its existence has begun to be replaced by chatting, there are still people who use SMS.

Well, usually people use SMS when their internet quota has run out, but the credit still exists. You can pay attention when people who are dating, of course do not want the message to be repaid for a long time. When replying to old messages, couples are sulking.

SMS is also still used by previous people like our parents. Sometimes late giving news can also make parents angry because they are afraid there is anything with their children. Therefore, to anticipate this, this article will explain how to reply to messages automatically. Can you do it? Can you do it! Let's see the following explanation.

How to Reply to Automatic Messages on Android

1. The first thing you have to do is open your playstore and download the application SMS Auto Reply . When finished, install it on your cellphone.

2. After that, you will enter the menu home from the application. The application looks simple so it doesn't confuse you in using it. Select SMS Auto Reply .

 How to automatically reply to SMS on an Android cellphone

3. Then, click the sign " + " in the upper right corner to add the message content and the reply.

 how to automatically reply to the SMS

4. In the first column " If SMS Contains ", please write the contents of the message that is usually written. You can enter several keywords and separate them with the "," sign. In the second column " Auto Reply SMS ", please fill in the automatic reply that you will submit. After all is done, don't forget to click Save .

 3-Fill in the SMS and save-reply

5. Finally, you can see the SMS reply has been successfully added. Now the Auto Reply SMS function is already functioning on your cellphone.

 How to automatically reply to an SMS

That is how to reply to an SMS automatically. Now you can try it on each cellphone. This is very useful for those of you who often slow response in replying to messages due to their busy schedule which does not allow reply to messages quickly so the sender is not angry because you ignored it. Thank you and hopefully useful!


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