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How to Easily Disable the Power Button on the Keyboard in Windows 10

We often find laptops where the power button is at the end of a collection of keyboard keys. Because of its position, no doubt make a new problem for us even though it's small. Most laptops in the previous era are usually at the keyboard end position, there is a DEL button which we often use to delete when typing. The habit of using the DEL key is already attached to the instinct of our fingers when typing. Because the position has been allocated to be a power button on some laptops, we often forget that it's not the DEL button but the power button. So when we are typing and want to delete, instead of the letters being deleted, the laptop is directly SLEEP. 😀

I will here give a few tips to disable the Power button function. The power button will be useless when the laptop is still alive. If it is turned off, the button can still be used to turn on the laptop.

How to Disable the Power Button on the Keyboard

First we can open Control Panel then select System Security .

After that select the menu Power Options .

Now in the left tab select the menu "Choose what the power button do" .

After that, change the option in "When I press the power button" . Select " Do nothing" so that when we press the power button, there is no effect.

If you click the Save Changes button .

That's the way to disable the power button. Good luck, good luck.


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