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How to Download the Google Play Store for Android (Newest 2018)

The Google Play Store is an official home or source that can accommodate a variety of application content ranging from social, games, videos, music or anything else provided by Google on Android. You can search applications by category and can directly install the application on an Android device.

As is well known that Google Play Store is already installed in an Android device. Or it can be said as the default Android OS application. However, sometimes we still find Android smartphones that do not provide Google Play Store directly. Or accidentally, you delete the Google Play Store. Sad, isn't it?

When the Google Play Store is not on a smartphone it means you have lost one of the important components, because you cannot download other applications that can only be downloaded in the Google Play Store. In addition, other applications that have been installed cannot run normally without the Google Play Store. Then, how do I install the Google Play Store that is not installed, lost or deleted?

Now, in this article I will tell you how to download Google Play Store for android and install it on your Android smartphone manually. Here's a full explanation of how to download the Google Play Store for android.

How to Download the Google Play Store for Android

Don't panic if Google Play Store isn't installed on your Android device. Because, below I will help you to overcome this problem, namely by downloading the Google Play Store so that it can be installed in an Android smartphone. Come on, see the steps below.

Step 1: Change Security Settings / Security Settings

Before downloading, you should change settings / settings. Because, this is very necessary to make it easier for you to install the Google Play Store.

1. First of all, enter the menu on your smartphone.

 how to download the google play store for android

2. Then, Select Security .  Select Security

3. In the Unknown Sources section must be enabled to give device permission to install applications originating from unknown sources.  Unknown Sources section

Step 2: Download the Google Play Store

After making the preparations above, then you can download it through an official app or website to make it more secure. Here are the steps to download it.

1. Download the Google Play Store via the following link . You can download via the browser contained in your smartphone.

2. Click the button. Download the button as shown below.

 How to download the Google Play Store for Android

3. After that a pop-up will appear notification whether you are sure to download the file. Just press Ok . And wait until the download is complete.

 How to download Google Play Store for Android

Step 3: Install Google Play Store

And finally you can install Google Play Store on your smartphone. Here's how to install it.

1. Open the Apk file that you downloaded earlier. Then it will appear as shown below, click Install .

 click Install

2. The installation process will take place. Wait until the installation process is complete.

 Installation Process

3. Furthermore, the Google Play Store is installed on your smartphone. To start the application, select Open if not, choose Done .

 choose Open if not

That is the answer to the problem you are facing, namely Google Play Store that is not installed on Android devices. However, you need to remember in downloading applications from various sources there are drawbacks. The application has not guaranteed its security. Therefore, you must be wise in choosing trusted sources to download the application.


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