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How to Download Files in Scribd Without Login / Register, Free!

Before the existence of the internet science could be obtained through conventional books. Now, the existence of the internet makes it easier for us to obtain various insights and knowledge from all corners of the world. Without exception for students who need insight from the many references available on the internet. In addition, the internet also provides various formats of digital books, making it easier for us to obtain knowledge.

One of the sites that provide document files is Scribd. What is Scribd? When you search in a web browser, often the search results point to the Scribd site. Scribd itself is a site that provides various document formats, such as Portable Document Format (.pdf), Microsoft Word (.doc / .docx) Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt / .pps / .pptx) Microsoft Excel (.xls / .xlsx) Plain Text (.txt), and other things. Here, internet users can publish and sell their work to other users stored in digital book format or often known as Ebook.

You cannot download the document if you are not a paid user. Therefore, through this article I will explain about ways you can get documents for free through this site.

How to Download Files in Scribd Without Login / Register

Basically, to obtain documents from the site Scribd You must log in first. After that, you must upload a file, where the file will be checked automatically by the site, whether the file is worth publishing or not. If it is not appropriate, you must repeat the new file upload again.

If it is appropriate, then you can download the desired file, and even then only one file can be downloaded. Or rather, to download 4 files means you have to upload 4 files too. It's very difficult, isn't it?

But you don't need to worry, because I will share the trick to those of you who want to download document files via Scribd without having to log in or even though. How to? For more details, see the steps for downloading files in Scribd below.

1. First, please choose the document file that is cooled through the Scribd site. Copy the file link (Ctrl + C) as in the following image.

 how to download the file in

2. Then, open this Download Link Generator . Paste the previously copied document link. Press the Get Link button .

 how to download files without payment

3. On the next page, the site will provide a button download . Click the button to download the .

 how to download the file in free scribd

4. Next, the site issues the Download button again accompanied by the size of the file to be downloaded. Click again on the button Download PDF .

 how to download files in scribd without logging in and uploading

5. After the button is pressed, the file will automatically download. Click the Start Download to immediately download the Scribd document file.

 Click the Start Download button

Now, that is a little way you can do to download document files obtained through Scribd it. The explanation above is very easy to do, because it does not require a login process to get the file. Hopefully the article how to download the file in Scribd above is useful for you and thank you.


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