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How to Download and Install MS. Office 2007 (Complete + Picture)

It feels incomplete if you have a computer / laptop but you have not installed Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office is one of the software that must be installed on your computer, especially if you are a student / employee who is almost always struggling with tasks, calculations, presentations and so on.

One version of Microsoft The most popular Office in its era was Microsoft Office 2007. Although it is a bit old school, Microsoft Office 2007 is still the favorite of many people because the size of the installer is not too large and its features are still fairly " sufficient " to meet the needs of its users.

The majority of Microsoft Office 2007 users are old users (in 2007-2010) who indeed they have been using this office software for a long time and are already comfortable with menus and looks. That's what makes them remain loyal to Microsoft Office 2007 and are reluctant to move to a newer version.

How to Install Microsoft Office 2007

Before installing Microsoft Office 2007 make sure you have the installer file. If you don't have it, you can download it for free through this link . If you have finished downloading it, just refer to the steps below for how to install Microsoft Office 2007:

1. I assume you downloaded the installer file. Please extract the file and click 2X setup file.

 Ms. Installation. Office 2007 - Step 1

2. Enter the serial number in the column provided after that select Continue .

 How to Install Microsoft Office 2007

3. Check I accept the terms of this agreement then select Continue .

 Ms. Installation. Office 2007 - Step 3

4. Select Install Now to begin the installation process.

 How to Install Office 2007

5. Wait until the installation process is complete.

 Ms. Office 2007 - Step 5

6. Microsoft Office 2007 has been successfully installed on your computer / laptop. Finally select Close .

 Installation Ms. Office 2007 - Step 6

7. Now you can use Microsoft Office 2007 to its full potential.

 How to Install Microsoft Office 2007

That's how to install Microsoft Office 2007 for beginners, from downloading the installer file to the installation process.

Fundamental differences from Microsoft Office 2007 with a newer version is a feature and appearance, of course the latest is more complex and has interesting features. If you are interested in trying a newer version, you can read the tutorial via the link below. I have made it complete and how to do the activation.

But if it is felt that Microsoft Office 2007 has more than enough to meet your needs, it never hurts to keep using Microsoft Office 2007. Hopefully the above tutorial is easy to understand and if you encounter problems when do the installation of Microsoft Office 2007 do not hesitate to ask via the comment column below.


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