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How to Do If Your Cell Phone Can’t be Charged into Electricity? – iSumsoft

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Whether walking on the street, sitting in a restaurant, in an office, or in a classroom, we can see everyone with a cell phone in their hands to brush Weibo, chat WeChat, watch the news and so on. It can be seen that mobile phones are widely used in our lives. As people use mobile phones more and more frequently, the number of charges increases accordingly. Generally speaking, people need to charge the phone once a day, or charge the phone at random, but when they find that the phone can not be charged, what should we do when we encounter this kind of situation? What’s wrong with a cell phone without electricity? Now we will analyze for you the reasons why the phone can not be charged and the corresponding solutions.

Why can’t the phone be charged?

If you connect your phone to the charger and plug it into the plug-in board, you will find that it cannot be charged. There are many reasons why your phone won’t be charged are as follows:

Reason 1. The charger or the data line is broken

Reason 2. A problem with the cell phone port

Reason 3. The battery is out of order

Reason 4. Problem with Rom for cell phone system

How to do if the cell phone can’t be charged?

Method 1: Replacing new charger or data cable

replace new charger or data cable

If the charger or data cable is broken, it is ok to replace the charger or data cable. When replacing the charger or data cable, please choose the original one as far as possible, so as not to cause harm to the phone. If you think the original one doesn’t work, you can buy a better quality charger, but be careful that the parameters of the charger must be the same as your original. If the current is too high, it may damage the phone’s motherboard.

Tips: Great awareness of some wrong region about charging phone.

Method 2: Wipe the dust in the interface

wipe the dust in the interface

If there is a problem with the cell phone port, it may be the problem caused by excessive dust accumulation of the interface and lead to poor contact between the phone charging interface and the charger. At this time, you can try to wipe the dust in the interface with a small brush. If not, it is recommended to go to a professional mobile phone shop for repair, don’t tear down on its own.

Method 3: Change a new battery

change a new battery

The cell phone can’t be charged that may be due to the battery has been used for too long or the quality of the battery itself. Then you can change a new battery without any scruple. I don’t recommend buying batteries at will, it is better to buy original or high quality batteries. Or put newspaper-wrapped battery in refrigerator to freeze for three days, and then take it out, put it in a ventilated place for a while, and the battery will be fine.

Method 4: Find out problem with Rom for cell phone system

As for the problem of mobile phone system Rom, we can install Tencent Mobile Manager into the mobile phone. Then find the ”battery health” through the health optimization function, after finding the ”battery health” function, turn it on directly, and then it will automatically control the voltage and current to charge quickly, so that the mobile phone charging problem can be solved. It also automatically maintains the battery.


These are some of the solutions above that I have brought to you. I hope my introduction will help you to a certain extent. If you find that you can’t charge your phone, don’t worry about it. You can solve the problem according to the solution. No matter what the reason, we can have the corresponding solution according to the reason.


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