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How to Disable Certain Keyboard Keys in Windows 10

Some of us might wonder, "How do you deactivate the keyboard button in Windows?" Or also ask "What is disabled? We all need it with that button. "Well, maybe there really are those who don't need it at all because they feel the laptop is still good.

But you never found someone's laptop with a bare button, for example a button A on the keyboard is not dressed. Of course, it will make it sensitive even though we don't touch it at all. Upset not? If you are busy typing in a task, then typo because the button feels very disturbing.

One way to reduce it is to deactivate the keyboard button. How to? Come on, see the following explanation.

How to Disable Certain Keyboard Keys on Windows 10

1. Download and install the application Simple Disable Key here

2. If it's already installed, open the application. On the Key menu, you can enter letters that you want to deactivate by clicking on the letters on the keyboard keys. Then, on the Modifier Keys menu the key you will combine with the letter so that it cannot function. Here, we will choose [1945919] All Combinations .

 How to Disable Certain Keyboard Keys

3. After that, click the tab Add key to the right of that option.

 2-add key

4. Well, then the pop-up dialog menu appears that tells you to choose when the button is deactivated. There are 3 choices, namely Always, Program, Schedule. We will choose Always .

 How to Disable Certain Keyboard Keys

5. Done! You can see in the image below that the button has entered the list as shown below. Don't forget to click OK!

[1945-1921] 4-successful ” width=”670″ height=”850″/>

6. If you want to reactivate the button, click Enable All Keys . As for removing the keyboard button from the list, click Remove to the right of the button list. Later, the button will be automatically deleted from the list HotKey .

 How to Disable Certain Keyboard Keys

It's easy, right? That's how to deactivate certain keyboard keys in Windows 10. Now, you can try it for yourself if the button doesn't work as usual.

If you have deactivated it, don't forget to reactivate it so that the keyboard button runs again. This article can help you to reduce the level often mistaken in typing a text. Thank you and hopefully useful!


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