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How to Delete Duplicate / Duplicate Data in Excel (Complete + Image)

Duplication of data in Excel means that there is the same data or record in a table in Excel. In data processing in Excel, the data needed certainly can not contain duplicate data because it will complicate the processing or data analysis process.

Why duplicate data should be cleaned? If this happens to a company's data then this will have a negative impact on the company. For example, on cost effectiveness, if your company sends a gift to customers 3 times when it should only be enough once. This is because there is duplication data on behalf of the customer, of course this would be detrimental to the company if the delivery of the prize is not only to one customer but to dozens of duplicate customers.

Therefore, clearing this data duplication is important performed in data cleansing (data cleaning) process to avoid any errors that may occur. For a more detailed explanation, let's look at the explanation below.

How to Delete Duplicate Data in Excel

How to remove duplicate data in Excel? The way is easy and simple. Below are the steps to remove duplicate data in Excel

1. First, open the Excel worksheet from the data you want to clear from the duplicates. Select the cells you want to delete the duplicate data

2. After that, select Home> Conditional Formatting> Highlight Cell Rules> Duplicate Values ​​ as indicated by the arrows in the image below.

 How to Delete Duplicate Data in Excel [19659002] 3. Then, window will appear Duplicate Values ​​. Here, you can change the highlight type for data duplication by selecting the formatting you want on the values ​​with box. Then click OK .

 Delete Excel Duplication 1

4. Well, the result will look like in the picture below. In the picture below, duplicate data is given a red background color.

 Removing Excel Duplication 2

5. Now to delete it, select Data> Remove Duplicates as indicated by the arrow in the image below.

 Removing Excel Duplication 3

6. Then, window will appear Remove Duplicates here I checked all the columns because I want to delete every record which is duplicate. Click OK .

 How to Delete Double Data in Excel

7. The result will look like in the picture below. Duplication of data in the table below was already deleted (lost). Now your table is clean from data duplication.

 Removing Excel Duplication 5

8. But your table still has a mark on some specific cells. To remove it select Home> Conditional Formatting> Clear Rules> Clear Rules from Entire Sheet .

 How to Remove Duplicates in Excel

9. The final result of deletion of duplicate data in Excel will look like the picture below

 Removing Excel Duplication 7

So many discussions about how to delete duplicate data in Excel easily and quickly. Well, hopefully the discussion described above is helpful and good luck. Thanks!


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