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How to delete all messages WhatsApp even though it has passed 7 minutes

How to delete all WhatsApp messages – Maybe you already know that WhatsApp has an unsecured feature to delete messages that were sent incorrectly. Whatever the reason, WhatsApp users can delete messages that have been sent via private or group messages. This unsent feature can delete messages in the sender's WhatsApp mailbox and also delete in the WhatsApp recipient's mailbox. That way, your message will automatically disappear also in the WhatsApp recipient's mailbox.

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To use the feature
This unsend is to select the message to be deleted then tap the icon
garbage then tap " Delete For All " or " Delete For
". But unfortunately the unsecured feature to delete the wrong message
This send doesn't last long on WhatsApp. WhatsApp only gives 7 times
just minutes since the message was sent. After passing the 7 minutes then the feature
unsend is gone. The sender no longer finds the option "Delete For
All". There is only the option "Delete For Me" only.

For that if it's time
it has exceeded 7 minutes, then you cannot delete messages that can
also delete messages on WhatsApp recipients.

Can we do it for
open or reactivate the "Delete For All" unsend feature
even though it's been past 7 minutes?

The answer is of course

Actually it's very easy to
outsmart the 7 minute time limit. This we do with
take advantage of a WhatsApp gap. This method has proven successful in
Android and also on the iPhone.

Here's how to delete all messages for WhatsApp even though it's been over 7 minutes

No application needed
specifically to reactivate the unsed WhatsApp feature "Delete To
All". Even by the way you can't just delete messages above 7
just minutes. You can also delete WhatsApp messages 1 hour ago, 1
days ago, the day before yesterday, and so on are not limited.

  1. Turn off the internet connection
    your smartphone be it from a WiFi or mobile data internet connection;
  2. Turn off the WhatsApp application
    by closing the WhatsApp application window;
  3. Then open the menu Settings
    on the smartphone then you change the date to before the day when sending
    WhatsApp messages. For example, you change the time to yesterday;
  4. Re-enable the connection
    internet of your smartphone;
  5. Open the WhatsApp message from
    search for the message you want to delete;
  6. Delete the message
    as usual by selecting the message then tap the Trash icon. WhatsApp will
    reappear the "Delete For All" removal option;
  7. Now change it again
    date setting of the smartphone to the correct time.

Once the smartphone returns
to the correct date setting, the WhatsApp message was successful
deleted will still be lost even though the actual time is past 7 minutes. With
once you have successfully deleted the wrong message.

I remind you of the trick
this cannot be done with the WhatsApp Web application. This method can only be done
only done on smartphone WhatsApp users.

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