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How to Cut Videos in Movie Maker, Easy! (Complete + Image)

Video is one of the technologies by sending electronic signals from a moving image. With this technology, the video can at least be a system that can deliver messages contained in it implicitly or explicitly. The process of capturing images, then recording, processing, transmitting and rearranging moving images.

In this millennial generation, people are increasingly understanding the techniques related to video shoots and stories that are generated either by self-taught or special learning. Many say that video is a new language in life. How not, the video is able to give us an understanding of the contents of the video.

Later, in addition to photographers, now videographers are often favored by young people. Starting from the production of video material using a camera phone to a sophisticated camera though. One of the most exploited this trend is selebgram . They are competing to make videos by relying solely on existing smartphone cameras. The results are also no less interesting with the professionals. Because the video capture media is not dependent on the media, but on the ability of a person to perform the video capture techniques and tricks.

Along with the development of the times, now everything can be done easily by utilizing the technological sophistication. With the existence of the existing convenience, making everyone able to do anything with his own ability. It all depends on how each person is able to explore the potential within himself to take advantage of the technology and media provided.

The video itself must be worthy to be enjoyed and pleasing to the eye. Therefore, the recorded video must go through the editing stage so that the results displayed then become good. Poor or even unnecessary parts should be removed to improve the quality of the captured video. Because raw video data usually has to go through the editing or selection stage to be able to show a good view. However, there are raw video data that do not have to go through the editing stage.

Therefore, the importance of cutting video becomes one of the usual editing process. Then how to cut the video? In this article, I will tell you how to crop video in Movie Maker. Come see the steps below.

How to Cut Videos in Movie Maker

On this occasion, I use the Movie Maker app to crop the video. If you do not really need complicated or complicated editing process, you can use this application only because this application is not too heavy compared to other similar applications.

To be able to cut video in Movie Maker, the first step is your computer must have installed Movie application Maker. Windows Movie Maker application you can download via this link . Immediately follow the following ways.

1. Open the Movie Maker app

2. Select the Home menu and select Add videos and photos

 how to crop video in movie maker

3. Next search and select the video you want to cut then click Open .

 3 - select video

4. Once the video is open, each frame of the video will appear. The next step is to enter the cutting stage .

a. (19459009) Edit menu Split

Drag the line

Drag the line to the right or left according to the video you want to cut> how to crop video in movie maker ” width=”670″ height=”727″ />

– Then right click on the already done Split> select Remove .

 4 a - right click remove

b. (19459009) Edit Split Split

How to crop a video (19459009) Split

 4 b2 - drag the second line then split <strong data-recalc-dims= Remove Remove

 4 b3 - right-click remove

c. Cut the final video

Drag the line to the right or left before the end of the video corresponds to the video section you want to cut> select menu Edit > select Split

– Then right-click on the already done part Split> then select Remove


 how to crop video in movie maker easily

5. After the video has been successfully truncated do not forget to save the video by select File menu > select Save movie > then please select video size as desired.

 5 - save

6. Select the storage directory> file filename video> then select Save or Save.

 6 - save

7. Wait until the storage is done.

 7 - wait for the process

8. Then the video file has been successfully saved.

 8 - successful

Easy is not a way to crop video in Movie Maker? Actually a lot of applications that can cut the video, but if the video should be edited is not too complicated, you can use the Movie Maker app as an option because this application includes a lightweight application. So many of these articles and may be useful to you.


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