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How to Create Random Post Widget Just Writing Without Images

How To Create Random Post Widget Only Posts Without Images Or Thumbnails, Random Post Widget It's Very Helpful To Promote To Visitors Or Visitor To See Articles We Have On A Website / Blog that have, not only that this time visitors are greatly facilitated because this widget, so that our article is seen by many people and this time I will share the script to create a random widget post this one, in accordance with the title I share this widget only contains the title or just writing, not with pictures or thumbnai, maybe with not with the image. maybe this widget is also not burdens pagespeed from your blog, so this option I think is the right choice for you if you want to create a random article widget or random post.

Before We Go to the core of the conversation, it would be nice if you see the demo of this random post widget. you can adjust the amount of how much according to what you want, you can display according to the wishes of my friends. Well if you're curious you can see the demo below:

Without Image Widget It Became Light and Responsive, Previously I Use It To Facilitate Users or visitors in accessing our other articles. and has been proven visitor to rise since using this widget, this post random widget at the time when we refresh our blog page, every refresh from your blog then this widget will change title of article in your blog, besides this widget very responsive to speed blog you, so do not be afraid your blog is heavy because after installing this widget.

How To Create Random Post Widget Just Writing Without Images

This Widget Is No Longer is already used by blogger indonesia, because they want to also display their articles randomly and its implementation to widget for easy diliat for many people, and even more script not too much, and not make ribet for people. from its simple and responsive form allows users to access it. okay we will go straight to the point of discussion, now follow the steps below below with tersetruktur and correctly. see below:

Installation Steps Widget Random Post:

1. Go Into Your Blogger Dashboard

2. Go Right To Layout

3. Add Gadget

4. Select HTML / Javascript

5. Please Copy / Paste Random Post Script Below This:

    6. Red Color Script Above Change With Namabloganda / Url Address Your Blog
    7. While numPosts = 10 Is the number of posts you want to display, fill in accordance with your wishes each
    8. Save

    After You Save It And Now You Can See on your blog, and now random post widget without picture already installed, so should widget above my suggestion made sticky just so that visitor can see every moment menscroll down your blog page you can also create a random article widget just like above but before I make it with thubnail please read here .

    Until Here finally finished already for this article I created this entitled How to Create Random Post Widget Just Posts Without Pictures, If Useful for friends temen all you can share. if you have installed widgets above make sure you already have a lot of articles on your blog, because the content also affects the widget above will appear or not. Well that's how I can share here if there is any questionable thing you can write it in the comment field … bye:)


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