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How to Create a Complete Website for Beginners (2018 Edition)

 how to create my own website

How how to create my own website ? That question is in your mind right now, is not it? If so, then you are reading the right article. Yes, this article will be a solution as well as an answer for those of you who want to create their own website easily.

There are several reasons why you want to create a website. Some of them are:

  • Building an online store
  • Creating a website that can make money
  • Creating a school website
  • Creating an agency website
  • And so on …

Whatever your reason for creating a website, this article is the right guide for you. Whether you are a beginner or a bit knowledgeable about the website, this article will help you create an interesting and professional website.

To make it easier for you to understand the contents of the article, I am compiling this article into several sub-sections. I hope you read this article in order that no part is missed. (19659005) brand 'for a website

Choosing a domain name should not be any. Why? Because the domain name will be one of your website identity. Some of the following tips will help you in determining the right domain name:

1. Do not use free domain

 domain1 Many people may not want to shell out a dime to buy a domain. And the shortcut they take is to use a free domain.


If you are serious about creating a professional website, never use a free domain. Point, this is not to be bargained.

Why mas?

Free domain like .tk, .cf, .ga (provided Freenom ) and so on are often used by spam websites. And in the eyes of google, the free domain reputation is very ugly .

In addition, there are often cases where domains are not completely free. Maybe in the beginning of its use is not a problem, but I often encounter cases where website owners who use free domain suddenly can not access the domain for no apparent reason.

Some have experienced if the free domain they use is auctioned by the domain provider. Horrified right? So please avoid using a free domain. The price of is very cheap and there is no reason for you not to buy it

2. Make sure the domain name is not similar to other website

As I have said before that determining the domain name is the same as making the name 'brand' on your website. Then you should make sure that your 'brand' of your website is not the same as other websites, especially large websites.

Examples such as travelokaku.com blibliyuk.com etc. [19659003] Avoid selection of domain names similar to other websites. You must create the name of your website 'brand'

3. Whatever the domain name, .COM remains the best

Whatever your domain name later, try to use the extension .com. Except for domain names for government agencies and schools that use .go.id ,. sch.id .ac.id and so on.

Actually there are many domain extensions that you can use, such as .co.uk, .net, .info, .org, .me and so forth. But the most easily remembered by internet users is .com for example google.com facebook.com traveloka.com etc.

So it is advisable to prioritize the extension .com, if indeed the domain name with the extension. Com is not available, yes you may just use another domain extension as the last option.

4. Domain names should be easy to remember, avoid numbers and dashes (-)

Do not use domain names that are hard to remember, especially if they are hard to pronounce as there are numbers and dashes / minuses (-) [1945900]. ] For example: tokob4ju-cynntia.com

Avoid domain names as above because it's hard to remember and the writing is also not recommended. Avoid also domain names with alay writing, like changing letters with numbers.

Still confused in determining domain names?

I will make it easier. Suppose your name is Ekita and you want to create an online store. Create a domain name that is easy to remember, brandable and not accompanied by numbers or strips. For example EkitaShop.com .
Or if you want to create a website about recipes, the domain name you can use is DapurEkita.com . Easy is not it?

I consider the problem of determining domain name is finished . Make sure you have set up the domain name you want to use.

Step 2: Define CMS Platform

Maybe you are not familiar with the term CMS. Content Management System or CMS is a software used to create and manage a website easily.

And the CMS we will use this time is WordPress . Why I suggest WordPress?

There are many other CMS you can use like Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Prestashop and so forth. But I strongly recommend you use WordPress.

Some of the advantages of WordPress include: free, very secure, and website customization becomes much easier with the help of more than 30.000+ plugins and 2500+ free themes. Not only that, at least 30% of all websites are using WordPress (rather than other CMS) with a market share of 60% .

More specifically, you can see tables published by [19659044] WebsiteSetup.org to know more details about which CMS is the most popular

 how to create a website

WordPress that I mean here is WordPress.org (self hosted) WordPress.com (hosted) which has a website address such as namablog.wordpress.com .

Although both are in the same company, both are different .

Using WordPress.org (self hosted) means we must first have domain and hosting, then install CMS WordPress (which you can download for free) to your hosting. Using WordPress self hosted means you hold full control against your website. You are free to edit, crack or do anything to your website.

Different again when using WordPress.com and Blogger.com (Blogspot) ] hosted even if you get free hosting (rather hosting), neither WordPress.com nor Blogger.com gives you full access to your website.

If you violate their terms and policies, then you can be kicked out, the worst of your website will be deleted without notice. It's like this, you stay at home people, surely you can not do much in the house, you must follow the rules of the home owner and if you violate the rules … ..

…. then you will be kicked [19459011

  • The feature is very complete
  • The website looks professional
  • Hosted

    • The customization is very limited
    • Feature limited
    • Was-was if website will be deleted

    Up here, we agree using WordPress self hosted for our website later. Do not worry you will not have trouble using WordPress. You do not need to coding from the beginning of your website display later, everything is dicover by WordPress.

    Step 3: Buying Domains and Hosting

    As previously stated that the terms of building a website with WordPress self host is , first you must have domain and hosting .

    Domain and hosting prices are varied, about Rp. 500.00 per year (depending on hosting specifications). Is it worth that much? To build successful business is necessary capital and effort . These two things can not be separated. I think the price is not a problem if you really want to build your business to be more developed again. Building a self hosted website does require an initial cost, but the future positive impact is huge for your business.

    Okey, I'm ready. Where can I buy a domain and hosting?

    For the best domain and hosting place at a cheap price, my choice falls on Niagahoster.co.id . The reason I choose Niagahoster because the price is competitive, a list of varied hosting packages, often provide discounts, customer support response quickly and responsive. And above all, the loadtime and uptimenya are pretty good and stable.

    The following guidelines will explain how to buy domains and hosting on Niagahoster as well as how to get 10% discount specifically for Nesaba Media readers! 19659003] 1. First of all open the link Niagahoster.co.id . Scroll a little down, you will see a list of hosting packages that you can choose. The recommended package is package Personal . But for the beginning, I think the Student package is more than enough for you. Next click Select Now .

     how to create a free website

    2. Choose the duration of payment (contract) for your hosting. Here I choose 1 year. One of the things I love about Niagahoster, we can get free domain! Directly click Next to process it

     how to create website

    3. Type in the domain name you want. After that click Search Domain .

     search for domain

    4. Make sure the domain you want available / not used by people, for example as shown below (there is a notif that the domain is available). After that click Next .

     domain is available and continue

    5. Here are the details about the total bill you have to pay. Then scroll a little down.

     how to make a website in niagahoster

    6. For option Additional Facility is discipible, because it does not really matter. Next select Next .

     no additional facilities

    7. You will be redirected to the login page. For new users, please select Account List .

     select account list

    8. Enter the required data in the fields provided. For columns Company may you fill (optional).

     how to create your own website at niagahoster

    9. For payment methods, I chose Bank Transfer . There are many other payment options, you can choose what you like.

     payment options niagahoster

    10. Enter promotional code a-nesabamedia.com to get 10% discount without any conditions ! After entering the promotional code, select Apply and select Checkout Now .

     enter promotional code

    11. Order hosting has been successfully done. Click the link "Click here for how and confirm payment ". You will be directed to the payment page.

     initiate the payment process

    12. Do not forget to confirm your email address, this is important. Open an email from Niagahoster whose contents are more or less like the picture below. Then click Yes, this is my email address .

     verification email address

    13. After that make payments in accordance with nominal given Niagahoster, do not round off the nominal payment . Scroll a little down to see the no. Niagahoster's account. Immediately make the payment, not to mature.

     make payment now

    14. When you finish making a payment. Wait about 15 minutes until your payment is successfully processed automatically. If on the bill page the payment of his status Paid means that payment has already been processed. But if it has not been processed (still status ' Unpaid '), please confirm your payment manually by click Confirmation .

     page bill

    15 . Reopen your email inbox. Will be 2 more emails sent by Niagahoster.

     2 important email

    16. The first email contains a verification link of your domain contact information. The link pointed to your mandatory arrow clicks, if within 15 days you have not verified the domain contact information, then your domain will be suspended / blocked .

     lest domain blocked [19659003] 17. The second email contains detailed information about your hosting account which includes details of Cpanel login nameserver information FTP login details etc . Make sure this information is kept secret, do not tell others

     cpanel login information

    Okay, order hosting you have done. Next we will discuss about the installation of WordPress in your hosting via Cpanel. Still able to read this article? Hehehe, let's go on.

    Step 4: Installing WordPress

    Installing WordPress will be done via Cpanel. This Cpanel is a control panel, arguably similar to Control Panel in Windows. With this Cpanel, we can manage any ' ' contained in your hosting. Starting from uploading / downloading website files, viewing resource usage, installing apps, setting up e-mail and so on.

    To install WordPress via Cpanel, the steps can be seen below:

    1. First click on your Cpanel login URL, eg: http: //154.32.xx.xx/cpanel .

    2. You will be redirected to the login page. Please login using your Cpanel username and password (Cpanel login details sent in email). Next click Login .

     login with username and password

    3. The Cpanel page will open. Scroll down and select Softaculous Apps Installer found on the Software

     app installer

    4. You'll see some pretty popular apps. Please select WordPress then click Install .

     choose WordPress then Install

    5. In the Software Setup leave empty ( default menu), do not change anything. Then in Site Settings enter your website name in Site Name field and your website description on Site Description .

     enter site name and site description

    6. Next on the Admin Account menu, enter your username and password for admin your website . Username and password are used to login to your website dashboard later. Do not use "admin" as your username, not secure. For Select Language leave English .

     login user

    7. Choose a website theme you like. If nothing matches, just skip this section. Later on the WordPress dashboard, you can choose thousands of free themes that you can use. Next select Install .

     select Install

    8. Wait a few minutes until the WordPress installation process is complete. And well, your first website has been successfully created. Click the link http://namawebsite.com/wp-admin or http://namawebsite.com/wp-login.php if you want to log into your website dashboard [19659003]  WordPress has been successfully installed

    If you get a notif error like the image below, just check . Then click Install again, the problem is over.

     Error installation time of WordPress

    9. Below is a website that we just installed. [194590010] You are now on website

     Your website is successfully accessed

    Your website is online and visible to everyone. You can make your website into anything. Yup, because WordPress is very flexible

    Is this 2000 word guide completed?

    Looks like not yet, I will still teach you more tutorials on WordPress. Starting from creating posts, organizing your website menu, uploading images and other files in WordPress, installing plugins and …

    …. I will teach you how to juggle your website to have a chance of success and have lots of visitors, InshaAllah all WordPress tutorial that I know I will teach. Give me time to repay the articles one by one.

    If you have problems / obstacles when installing WordPress, let me know through the comment box. If there is time to spare, I will definitely reply as soon as possible. Share this super-complete guide to your friends, who knows they also want to create a website like you. Look forward to other WordPress tutorials just here. Thanks and bye!


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