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How to check the authenticity of all types of Xiaomi phones

Xiaomi mobile phones are a pioneer
cheap, high-quality, functional and most beautiful smartphone.
That is what has helped Xiaomi to win popularity
big, not only in their home country in China, but also in the whole world.

As is known, there is always something
producers who fabricate a product that causes a cellphone
problematic later on.

Even though it's the cellphone we bought
actually original, but entering Indonesia illegally also caused cellphones
xiaomi is not original.

Especially if you buy
used xiaomi cellphones, which are very difficult for you to find out whether
the xiaomi cellphone was originally purchased from an authorized distributor or from
Blackmarket (Unofficial). Even so, many
people want to know whether the xiaomi cellphone they are using today: original or

Especially recently
the government will block the IMEI on all unofficial cellphones
used, so do you know that the Xiaomi phone you are using is now official or illegal?

Through 2 Easy Steps below
this, we will tell you how to check the authenticity of your Xiaomi cellphone:

1. Open the Mobile Check Site
Xiaomi on the link below:

2. Type Your Xiaomi mobile IMEI number
followed by typing verification code
then click the [1945914] verify

button How do I check the IMEI Number?

The IMEI can be displayed on the mobile screen by entering the code * # 06 #
 on the keypad on most cellphones both android / iphone and
others. The IMEI number can also be seen in the battery compartment
cellphone / cellphone box and others.

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