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How To Change The Right Blogger Template

How To Change The Right Blogger Template to avoid random random play and most importantly the format of the old template is either missing or missing. Hello buddy blogger after so long did not post this time admin code whiz will give a little tips and tricks on how to change the right blogger template.

Maybe most of my friends already know how to change the theme of blogger. But mostly in changing template is directly copy paste xml file. Actually this is perfectly legitimate. And in fact for this way does not cause significant effects or problems.

But I will explain a little here about the impact of incorrect template changes will also cause your blog traffic is decreasing. There may be some of my friends who have experienced when the blog template change turns increasingly declining.

Know the causes of blog traffic declining because of the change of template.

The main cause of declining blog traffic is not actually all that comes from templates. Template is just as a container for the blog is friendly in the eyes of search engines. The easier the structure of a blog template. So the easier the search engine to find your blog.

For the value of seo in the template may only we categorize a few percent. The rest depends on seo optimization techniques applied. Talking about templates. We can buy a paid version and can also use a free version. But the disadvantage of using a version of a free credit link is very difficult to remove. No exception if they are pro about understanding the script.

How to change the right blog template

To avoid loss of blog traffic before starting to replace new template. Backup first old template

If all files are backed up please set up the template to be replaced.

The first step before changing template all dashboard templates should be reset blank to blank. The purpose of the old template is reset so that at the time of the new template change the existing format in the old template is not included. ( all link credits Broken links, script script widget attached will be lost )

Reset steps its like this

1. Please select in menu TEMA >> EDIT HTML Then enter the following script

2. If you have please save or save and see blog .. then that will appear is blank blank page. Up to this step the old blog template has been successfully reset.

3. The next step is to replace with a new template. You can replace it by:

  • Backup / restore (then you select the xml file)
  • By copying all the contents and pasting in the EDIT HTML field

Sometimes the above does not work for some template. But if there are some premium templates you buy. after replacing it in the above manner. The appearance is different. So the thing you have to do is to restore the old blogger template to default first

How to restore blogger template to default.

Actually returning it is very easy. we just need to exchange first with the default template already provided by the blogger developer. The way is like this

1. Please select Theme then scroll down.

2. Please replace with one of these templates

3. Click apply . If it is please you replace with new template.

That's how to change blogger template right. hopefully this information can help facilitate you. So and thanks.


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