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How to Change the Application Icon on Android

Applications on smartphones or Android phones are noteworthy if you are the type of person who is quickly bored with the appearance of your smartphone.

Application icons are the hallmark of each application. Where with the application icon, we as users will be easier to use the application. The number of applications installed on our smartphone devices is no longer a reason for not being able to use smartphones properly and according to their functions.

This is because each application already has its own characteristics that are different from other applications. For that application icons become very important to note.

How to Change Application Icons on Android

Application icons can also be changed according to your wishes as a smartphone user. To make it easier, here's how to change the application icon on your favorite android:

1. Your internet connection must be available and smooth. Because this replacement process requires the internet to download the application that will be used

2. Open the application Google Playstore which is already installed on your Android device

 open playstore

3. At the top, you will see the search field, and type the keywords Icon Changer and press enter or click the search icon

 look for the icon changer

4. Then the application reference will appear relevant to the keywords you entered in the previous stage

5. At this stage, select the application named Icon Changer . Where is this application that will be used to change the application icon on your android

 Select the icon changer

6. Then, click Install and the application installation process will run smoothly if your internet connection is stable

 Install icon changer

7. Wait until the installation process of the Icon Changer application is complete

8. Open and run the Icon Changer application that has been installed on your android

9. You will see the main page display consisting only of the application icon, then click on the application icon

 how to replace the application icon on android with the icon changer

10. After that, you are required to choose the application that you want to change the icon model. In this tutorial, the application icon to be replaced is the application click gmail

 Select gmail

11. Then a display icon will appear. In this view, you can change the appearance of the gmail application icon. Click on the change menu to start searching for other icon images

 Change decorations

12. You can use various sources to get new application icons. One of them with photos in your android gallery.

13. Select the photo that will be used as the gmail application icon, and adjust the ratio, click crop, then OKAY

 how to change the application icon on android by cropping

] 14. Another alternative to changing your application icon is to decorate yourself, by selecting the menu decorate

 Decorate gmail

15. You can change the gmail application icon decoration according to your taste, then click OK  Decorate gmail icon

16. In addition, it can also be decorated using the FILTER feature

 how to replace the application icon on android with its own image

17. Select the desired filter icon, then click OK

 Filter icon selection

18. When it is finished, you will see that your gmail application icon changes.

 Icon has been replaced

The existence of application icons that can be adjusted to the user's taste will greatly facilitate users or owners of Android smartphones in finding application on their smartphone. So this needs to be conveyed in an easy language so that users understand and understand how to change the application icon on Android.

With a tutorial on how to change the icon of this application can help smartphone users become more knowledgeable about the application icon. It turns out that the application icon that is already installed on our Android smartphone can be changed according to our taste.

As a user, this will be very beneficial because the change or change of the icon is released to users who have the Android smartphone. So that each user can have different design tastes. Hopefully this article is useful for you.


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