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How To Change Text Size In Windows 10

The classic Window Color and Appearance dialog, which allowed us to change the font and font size of various items in Windows 7 and earlier versions, is not part of Windows 10 and Windows 8.

In the early versions of Windows 10, we could change the text size of menus, title bars, message boxes, icons, and tooltips but that feature has also been removed from Creators Update (version 1703) and later versions.

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As you probably know, you can change the text or font size by increasing the scale (Settings > System > Display) but increasing the scale increases not just the text size but also the size of all elements on the screen. Users who need to change only the text size without changing other elements on display have very limited options.

There is a third-party tool around called System Font Size Changer, but it can change the font size of the title bar, menus, message box, palette title, icons, and tooltips only.

Luckily, Microsoft has listened to users’ feedback. With Windows 10 Redstone 5, there is a way to change the text size without changing the scale or resolution.

You can change the text size in File Explorer, desktop, Settings app, Start menu, Control Panel, and other areas of the operating system with a few mouse clicks. The feature is super useful for PC users who are using high-resolution displays.

Note that this feature might not change the text size of third-party desktop programs and apps installed from the Store. Check if your app or program offers an option to change the text size.

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Change text size in Windows 10 via Settings

Complete the given below directions to change the text size in Windows 10.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings app > Ease of Access > Display.

Step 2: Under Make everything bigger, move the slider to the right of the screen to increase the text/font size. Move it the extreme left to make the text smaller.

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You can see the live preview just below the slider. Once you are happy with the text/font size, click the Apply button. Your new font size will be applied in a few seconds.

NOTE: If “Make everything bigger” section is missing, it’s likely because you are not running Windows 10 version 1809.

You might also want to know how to change the font size in Mail app in Windows 10.

Method 2 of 2

Change font size with System Font Size Changer

As said earlier in this article, there are a few third-party utilities around to help you change the text size of certain items. One such tool is System Font Size Changer.

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With System Font Size Changer, you can change the text size of title bars, menus, message boxes, icons, palette boxes, and tooltips. Download, run, change the font size and then click the Apply button.

Download System Font Size Changer


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