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How to Become a Youtuber Successful Complete Guide Youtuber Beginner

Being a successful youtuber is a dream for all beginner youtuber. It is said that a successful Youtuber can be seen from his large monthly income. Of course, who doesn't want to be a famous youtuber. Including the admin of the code is also exploring about the ins and outs of youtube, although it still rarely uploads videos. For you, all of you who want to be a successful youtuber. The following is a review of this. The way to become a youtuber was successful in a short time.

Being a youtuber is not as easy as we think. There must be things that make us give up halfway. Successful Youtuber cannot be obtained in a short time. It takes time, energy, and your mind to be creative in making videos on your youtube channel.

Previously I shared references on how to smoothly speak in front of the camera. It might be possible to help friends who are stumbling when talking in front of the camera. This might be very useful for beginner youtuber.

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 Long story short, youtube is now growing faster than usual. It is said that, being a youtubers can bring money to the system the job is not difficult, so it is true that the rumor is and I have tried it myself, for friends who want to be successful youtuber, please follow the guidelines below so you can become a successful YouTubeer in just a short time. </p>
 How to Become a Youtuber Success </h2>
<p>Some things you might be able to do, by doing a few tips that I share here. Maybe you can apply directly to your youtube channel. Please try and practice to get subsciber and youtube viewers quickly. So that you can be famous and known to many people. </p>
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 1. Unique Channel Theme (Different From Others) </h2>
<p>The biggest mistake of a beginner youtuber is following the other people's youtube channel theme. By making a youtube channel themed with people. Population viewers and subscribers will definitely be difficult to rise towards millions. Therefore, choosing a unique youtube channel theme is the main thing if you want to build a successful youtube channel. Remember, bro! Being different is beautiful. </p>
<p> For example, if for now the video theme for gaming might be a lot. Try to be different, such as horror channels, or other extreme things. The point is unique from the others and potentially your channel can be big and known to many people. To become a successful youtuber is not difficult to achieve. </p>
 2. Animation in a video that is interesting and not saturated for audiences<br />
Animation effects in videos are also one of the important points to become a successful youtuber. Because all successful youtuber have quality videos and cool animation effects inside. Maybe friends who are not experts in multimedia and video editing. Try to learn every day, so you can understand good and interesting video editing. Usually people to edit videos use adobe premiere and after effects. My experience in learning software was only around 2 months. And in my opinion it is also not very difficult. Here you can learn first the technique of making interesting videos in a video. So that the audience is not saturated and also attracts the audience to come back to the video, bro. </p>
 3. Carrying Out a Good Event </h2>
<p>Carrying shows on YouTube is not as easy as we think. The host on YouTube is very important for the video to live or not. To get videos with maximum results. You must master how to bring the program to a video can bring pleasure to others. This may be trivial, but from the presentation of this interesting program, you can be known by all of your friends on the YouTube channel. </p>
 4. Diligently Upload Videos </h2>
<p>A successful youtuber, definitely uploading videos almost every day. Even this can be a permanent job for some people. Getting good feeds from your fans on youtube can help you to upload useful video videos every day. Even though my friend is lazy, fight the laziness and don't disappoint the subscribers, friends who are waiting for your videos every day. </p>
 5. Not Too Concerned What People Say at Comments </h2>
<p>Don't mind people who blaspheme you in the comments column. Ignore if it is insulting. But if it's a criticism, then you should accept it and reply with kindness. Sometimes dirty comments on YouTube can make anyone's mentality down. For that, my advice is not to care too much about what people say in the comments. Accept criticism and suggestions, but you still have to go on! </p>
 6. Keep Focusing on Working </h2>
<p>There must be obstacles in the middle of the road that make you stop. Even though there are so many obstacles you might encounter. Try to face it with a smile and stay focused on your work on youtube. Remember why you build youtube for the first time and don't be a person who is wishy-washy and doesn't have a clear purpose. It is very dangerous for your future, try to stay consistent on youtube if you really want to be a successful youtuber. </p>
 7. Not Lazy </h2>
<p>Anyone who is successful has never heard the word lazy. Maybe my friends, who sometimes feel lazy, will definitely make all the planning fall apart. This laziness must be your opponent's friend. If I look at it from successful graduates, so far no one has been lazy. So if you want to become a successful youtuber, avoid the word lazy and finish what you started. </p>
 8. Often Collaborating with Other Youtuber </h2>
<p>The purpose of collaboration in a youtube video is to help your audience impressions. While also being able to promote your youtube account to your friend's youtube channel. And this method has been proven to increase and boost the name and popularity of friends who don't feel well-known. This is the most effective way because it can also increase friendship between governors. </p>
 Conclusion [1945914]
That was some  How to Become a Youtuber Successful Complete Guide Youtuber Beginner . Hopefully what I say can be useful for all the people of the beginner's community in crawling and achieving success. Hopefully it can help and you can practice it on your youtube channel and also yourself. Well maybe if that's all I can say. Good luck and good luck to Youtubers!</p>
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