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How to Back Up Your Laptop Windows 10 Data to an External SSD (Solid State Disk) – iSumsoft

The laptop computer is lost or stolen, a computer virus infection or a failure of your hard drive can all destroy the most important things you care about on your laptop. If you don’t want to lose any valuable information, computer backup is an important step that every laptop computer user should take. So it is necessary to install a backup utility to backup and protect your files. This utility will back up your data to a larger external SSD (Solid State Drive). Here’s a brief overview of the tools needed to implement a backup and how to back up your laptop’s data to SSD in case a laptop computer failure causes the data to be destroyed.

Available backup tools

  • An SSD
  • A USB-to-SATA adapter
  • A Windows cloning tool

Why need to backup?

Do you know how to backup Windows 10 data to SSD? Why do we need to do a backup? According to some computer users’ feedback, sometimes a large amount of data is lost or destroyed due to a laptop computer failure or virus infection. They are really upset and annoyed.

Everyone has information on their laptop computer and doesn’t realize how important it is until it’s lost. The main information includes web bookmarks, documents, financial information, saved emails, music, pictures, etc. Besides, your laptop computer may seem to work properly, but it or one of its hard drives may be a failure at any time without any warning. This is why backup is needed.

What should be backed up?

For almost all laptop computer users, the most important information you should back up is any information that cannot be replaced. It usually includes important personal documents, letters, photos, financial information and so on.

Backup strategy

One of the easiest ways to back up your personal information is to run a third-party tool like iSumsoft Cloner to back it up to an external SSD. It’s an absolutely better way to protect your personal information.

How to back up laptop Windows 10 data to an external SSD with iSumsoft Cloner

iSumsoft Cloner is a secure and effective data backup and disk clone software which is fully compatible with latest Windows systems including Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, etc. It allows users to backup and clone whole computer data including a system to a new external SSD without losing any data. Please follow the step-by-step tutorial below to back up your data to a new SSD from HDD.

Step 1: Connect an external SSD with the USB-to-SATA adapter to your laptop.

Step 2: Initialize the SSD drive before you use it on your laptop. Open the Disk Management and select the SSD disk when an Initialize Disk dialog is popped up, then choose a partition style (MBR or GPT) for the disk and click OK button. Next, right-click the SSD disk and select New Simple Volume option to specify the disk space and drive letters for the SSD drive.

Step 3: Backup data to an external SSD.

1. Download, install and run iSumsoft Cloner software.

2. Choose the Backup option in the left pane. Select the volume to back up. You will see that the clone software displays all partitions from both disks. The C drive is listed first that contains your Windows 10 data and operating system, followed by the other drives.

select the volume to back up

3. Click the Choose button to select a path to save the backup files. After that, click the Save button.

save the backup files

4. Click the Start button, and then click OK to exit the Tips box that will ask you if you are sure to back up the partition as a file.

click OK to back up

When the backup process is complete, a ”Misson completed!” box pops up, indicating that the backup is complete. If you need to restore a system or data from a backup, do you know how to do it? We’ll also show you how to restore a system or data from a backup, which is easy. Just to do that!

1. Open iSumsoft Cloner, and choose Restore option on the left side.

choose Restore option

2. Select the restoration destination where you want to place the restore files and data. And then add the backup file you created before.

add the backup file

3. Click the Start button to start restoring the Windows 10 backup data to the SSD drive. When a format Tips dialog pops up, click OK to go ahead. Notice: This action will format the restoration destination partition.

4. When the restoration process ends, the ”Mission completed!” prompt appears. It means you have successfully restored this data to an external SSD.


Using the iSumsoft Cloner’s Backup and Restore feature is reliable. The backup feature helps you create a backup of Windows data/system partition. For restore, you can restore the backup icg files created by this software. Now everyone can give it a try because the software offers a free 7-day trial of all the features!

Watch this video for more details:

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