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How to avoid viruses on Android phones

Viruses on Android systems are rare, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. So far the problem on your Android phone might be just like: Sluggish Android phone performance It's not a virus,
but more precisely it is malware.

Under such circumstances
that, the best thing to do is delete your browser cache, fine
in the browser settings menu itself or by opening Applications & Notifications> Chrome>
Storage> Clean Cache . Or download an antivirus application
which is widely available on the Google Play Store.

So far with
the above method can solve your problem. But what if there are things
what else happens in the background or the Android operating system itself that you can't know?

There are indications if an Android phone is infected or infected with a virus, usually caused by
by installing applications outside of the Play Store, like installing directly
via APK, which you download from non-trusted websites or illegal websites.
Usually illegal APK applications have been infiltrated by spyware, viruses, malware and
others. The following are indications if the Android Phone is exposed to a virus:

  • Increased
    Data usage:

When your cellphone
infected by a nasty bug, it will use internet data to display
advertising or sending information from your mobile. If you see a surge
sudden data usage that doesn't
can be explained in the use of data, it could be that your cellphone has been infected
malware / virus.

  • Presence
    Unknown bill.

Virus is dangerous on
cellphone You can use your mobile to make calls and
send text messages to your number. If you see a bill that you don't know its origin, this could be
is a fraudulent act, using a virus injection.

  • Mobile phones are hot faster than usual.
  • And other indications.

The only way
the effective way to deal with viruses on your cellphone is by "resetting your cellphone to factory settings" with a previous note you have already done a scan with an Antivirus.

For the future this is a way to avoid viruses on Android Phones

  • 1. Do not install applications from outside Google Play
  • 2. Don't root Android phones
  • 3. Avoid using Costum ROM
  • 4. Avoid cloned applications
  • 5. Check application permissions
  • 6. Keep updating the Android Version
  • 7. Install antivirus applications as an anticipation for the future.

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