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How To Add Early And Final Quotes With Notepad ++

A few days ago I was working on several projects. When I interrupted my job, I wanted to input data approximately there were up to 10,000 data that would be input simultaneously at the same time.

In the file to be edited it had a trivial problem. That is just adding quotes in front or behind the sentence. The data is approximately 10,000 pieces. If we edit it one by one.

You can imagine how much the report is and will run out of time to give all quotes in the word. Not to mention if there is one word left behind. Inevitably we must be observant and careful to see which quotes have not been hit.

It is clear that the time needed is very much. Not to mention the painful eyes due to being too focused on the object of processing the data. Then I tried to find a solution. Alhamdulillah finally got it.

In some blogs I read. It can be overcome but the way that is shared is by editing it through the menu column in Notepad ++ but after trying it it seems that it only works if the number of sentences is the same.

with the longest or last word. This certainly did not go according to expectations and desires after searching here and there, finally I got it. The answer is with the help of the REGEX function.

Changes the quotes / quotes characters at the beginning and end of the sentence automatically.

In notepad ++ itself you can use the find and replace feature and enter the REGEX function to help make your work easier. There are so many REGEX functions that you can try.

Not just changing the format of quotation marks. Replace it with other characters such as lines. Quotation marks one. New line. Replaces comma. And change it with the function that you want it can.

For complete documentation of the REGEX function in notepad ++ you can read it here Notepad ++ ReGEX Documentation . For other functions that you want, please first understand the line per line described in the application documentation.

Okay after we understand the statement above. Now we will enter the full tutorial. Therefore, please look carefully at the following steps:

How to insert quotation marks in front of and behind a word / sentence

1. Please open your notepad ++ application for those who don't have it, please download it first HERE .
2. Just open the data that you want to place this equal sign character.
3. Please press CTRL + A on the keyboard.
4. After everything is selected, now go to the menu search >> replace.

 Add End and End Quotes "border =" 0 "data-original-height =" 607 "data-original-width = "941" height = "412" src = "https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-dfBwRDGVnZE/XLA-aAytktI/AAAAAAAAFfg/oT0YX4NCfogTn6sz5Mq5R5e0fjpbFSEVQCLcBGAs/s640/Add%2BTanda%2BKutip%2BDiawal%2BDan%2BAkhir.png" title = "Add End and End Quotes" width = "640" /> </div>
 5. <b> Make sure the settings are the same as the image below in [i] Then in the column findwhat </b> fill in the sign <b> (+) </b> Then in the <b> column replace with: </b> please fill in the sign <b> " 1" </b></p>
<div class=  insert the characters quoted in front and behind "border =" 0 "data- original-height = "607" data-original-width = "945" height = "410" src = "https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-jJ2BZDoRrVY/XLA_7Wad7RI/AAAAAAAAFfs/cRvWekwg-6IJzvtKp--BN9dp7kZMbScIACLcBGAs/ s640 / insert% 2B characters% 2BKipip% 2BDide pan% 2B and% 2Bbelakang.png "title =" inserts the characters in front of and behind "width =" 640 "/> </div>
 6. If all settings are correct. Then press the <b> replace all </b>. </p>
<div class=  replaces and quotes before and after the word "border =" 0 "data-original-height =" 611 "data-original-width =" 947 "height =" 412 "src =" https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-CZ09iSucfEg/XLBAkAfuy8I/AAAAAAAAFf0/WZurDsI_tsszFwRbVwn5hrsyJMeG9xTDwCLcBGAs/s640/ substitute%2Bdan%2Binsert%2Bkutip%2Bseleb%2Bdan%2Besup%2Bkata.png "title =" replace and enter quotation before and after the word "width =" 640 "/> </div>
 Then in an instant everything changes immediately before the word and after the word has been filled with a sign ("). Without any defects even though everything is perfect from top to bottom </p>
<p> Thus is the information that I can convey, hopefully this article can help all friends who have difficulty. That's all and thank you: D</p>
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