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How to Access Blocked Tumblr on iPhone and iPad

 How to Access Blocked Tumblr on iPhone and iPad

Some time ago we were all surprised by the news of Tumblr blocked in Indonesia by the government. That means we can not open Tumblr and access Tumblr again with internet connection in Indonesia.

Though already blocked, that does not mean you can not unblock it. Especially on iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch we can unblock Tumblr very easily.

The easiest first way is to use an internet connection that has not blocked Tumblr. Various local mobile operators in Indonesia are already blocking it, but not all internet home service providers have blocked it.

If you can only use cellular data connection connection on iPhone or iPad, you can use VPN on iOS. For more information.

You can also change DNS settings in Wi-Fi connection on iPhone and iPad. DNS or Domain Name Service is a system that serves to store information such as hostnames or domain names in the form of distributed databases on computer networks.

However I personally prefer to use VPN, such as Opera VPN available for iPhone and iPad. You just enable VPN and block Tumblr will open.

How? Do you have an easier way to block Tumblr access in Indonesia?

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