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How Mother's View Works VS Housewife

How Do You Think About Your Working Mom VS Housewife, what is your husband's opinion about this? I myself never really like to follow the debate about housewives and compared with working mom or career woman. I am not a mother and I often see both parties are too dizzy about their decision to become a housewife or a working mother (career woman), There are many opinions that ultimately criticize those who are wrong in taking a decision. Probably because they are tired of being judged, or because they are in fact not confident and desperate, or there may be other reasons for this.

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<p><b><span style= Views / Opinions of Housewives

Actually to overcome this is very easy we just need to make peace with our decision alone and ignore what others think of us? There are several things that must be underlined that:

Whatever we do good / bad, we will still be judged.

This is a tool used as a very frequent Reason used to attack both parties ie Mother Working or Mother Households. The choice as a housewife or mother working outside the home may create a separate assessment. It depends on each individual. Every decision has its pros and cons. and you need to know this is normal and reasonable. One can be happy with the decision, and every decision taken is a very long process of travel analysis. And then in the end an absolute conclusion is made.

Here is an example of a case I often hear about insulting a housewife:

"What's the point of having a college education if you end up being a housewife?"

Personally, this is a good question but if you do not know the meaning and match it with someone's circumstances it will lead to a wrong view, this is the reason:

Do you think Being a homemaker equals uneducated?
Do you really thinking that managing a house does not require skill and brain?

No knowledge is wasted. There is no science that is ultimately unused. To be honest I myself do not want to be raised by an uneducated mother, I think you too so especially at an early age when the curiosity of a child is reaching its peak. The older the children, the more complicated questions often asked to the mother. if you As a girl, forever you would be grateful and proud to have a mother who can tell you about the difference between Ariel (NOAH) And Pasha (Purple). hahaha and if you are a boy surely you will be lucky if you have a highly educated mother, he will teach you how to be a very wise and dignified and loved by many women. All of that would be impossible for you if you had an uneducated mother.

Views / Opinions of Working Mothers

On the other hand, a housewife often says this to a working mother:

"Too bad you are the child of the foster mother, not the child of your mother, because you were raised by the foster mother".

Moms have a big role when it comes time to raise their children? I know many women / mothers who work, but can still take care of their children. Conversely, do all the mothers who live in the house also faithfully stay on the side of their children 24 hours? Without the help of others? I also do not think so.

Some women decide to keep working, for financial reasons. Their husbands do not provide enough, even for the primary needs in the household this is normal and normal because one's fortune is not us who govern but the role of God in it. Do not always have a bad view about the woman / working mother. The view of mothers working merely about always buying bags and expensive clothes and other luxury equipment that throw money, when you should understand all it does just to support the appearance and career.

Can You Tell Honestly
[19659005] "What should you do if your husband's income does not make up for your daily needs" while your child needs a lot of money each month, for those of you who are granted a minimum-earning husband?

Many studies show that many women choose to remain in unhealthy / abusive marriages. They still live despite a lot of violence going on in the household, because divorce means they have to find out how to feed their children. avoid this thing the wife is looking for a way to have savings or financial support.

Also you must think that you are completely wrong in choosing a spouse / husband. why should look for a husband whose job is income pas pasan while in your household is required to have a super large cost. This is where your use has a religion. Religion teaches you about balance, some are poor there are also rich, there is a beautiful there is also a bad, if all its rich then no one is poor what happened ?? who wants to plant rice in the fields? who sells chicken market? Who wants to clean up garbage on the streets ?? For what difficult hard to plant rice again while you are already rich, rice is just buy it, because you have money, again if this question you throw to the working mother open your mind well tub. what happens if God does not give a balance in this life ?? You know the answer.

Views / Opinions About Mother Work / Mother Ruma Ladder

Speaking of the husband's view of working mother and housewife is actually simple, contribute in terms of making a living, because in essence the provider is a husband. but all things lie in the situation and condition of a person, if indeed the husband's income is quite enough even more does not need the wife to intervene in terms of living, but if circumstances should allow the wife to work then this is legitimate only. husbands are also happy and certainly the level of family harmony will increase if both parties are equally helpful and that is what is called LIFE

Not feel at length I have explained the opinion / Views Mother Working VS Housewife hopefully after reading this article our view all can be equally straightened ends word wassalamualaikum wr. wb. umpteen and thanks: D


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