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Honor 10 coming on April 19, but what’s happening next month?

Honor 10 Honor/Weibo

It’s practically a given that Huawei‘s Honor sub-brand would deliver a variation on Huawei’s flagship P20 range. That phone, dubbed the Honor 10, now has a reveal date.

The date comes via Honor’s Weibo account (h/t GSMArena), confirming the Honor 10 name and mentioning AI-related capabilities.

Honor flagships tend to follow in the footsteps of Huawei flagships. For example, the Honor 9 featured the same chipset, battery capacity and dual-camera setup as the P10. More recently, we’ve seen the Honor View 10 offer the same Kirin 970 chipset and AI-powered camera smarts as the Mate 10.

As for the Honor 10 specs? We’re looking out for the same Kirin 970 chip and AI-powered features as the P20 and Mate 10, as well as a tall display.

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There is one question surrounding the new date though — what’s coming on May 15? We previously reported on an Honor launch set for that date, speculating that the Honor 10 could be coming then. It’s possible Honor could unveil the 10 on April 19 in its home country, then release it internationally on May 15. That’s just speculation for now, though we will be sure to update you if we hear anything else regarding the Honor 10 launch date.

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