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Here's How to Turn Off the Sound of an Iphone Camera Easily!

It is undeniable that the iPhone has still become a smartphone that has been widely enjoyed. One reason why many choose an iPhone is because of the camera. If discussing about the iPhone camera maybe for iPhone users already understand about the sound that is released when going to take pictures with the iPhone.

This is what the iPhone users complain about because of the absence of the iPhone camera sound deadening feature. Unlike Android, which has direct settings in the camera application.

However, some iPhones in certain countries such as Japan and South Korea do not allow the camera's shutter sound to be turned off. This is to prevent users from taking photos secretly without the knowledge of the person being photographed.

How to Turn Off the Iphone Camera Sound

But you don't worry, even so you can still remove snapshots when taking photos in your iPhone in several deadly ways Iphone camera sound that I will share below.

1. With Assitive Touch

To use this method you must activate the assitive touch feature on your iphone first. To activate it you can enter Settings> General> Accessibility> AssistiveTouch> ON. Then select the menu Customize Top Level Menu. After that, choose the + button to add a new menu at AssistiveTouch. Add the command Mute from the existing list of lists. Well now you just press the Mute menu on the AssistiveTouch feature to turn off the iPhone camera sound. Like the following picture.

 how to turn off the Iphone camera sound

2. Using the Silent Button

Using the silent button is the easiest way to take pictures without sound on the iphone. The trick is to move the flip button to the silent setting on the left side of your iPhone. Then slide the button until you see the orange line at the top of the button then you are in silent mode. As shown below.

 via the silent button on the left side of the iphone

3. Using video features

Many people don't think that this feature can be done to take pictures without sound on the iphone. To use this unexpected method you must enter the camera application. Then start taking videos using the video feature.

Then take the picture you want in the video by pressing the circle in the left side of the bottom of your iphone screen. Now when we take a picture in this video, without realizing the sound of the camera will not be heard, making you not disturbed when taking pictures.

 Through the video feature

4. Through the application Observation Camera (silent)

The Observation Camera (silent) application is a third-party application that provides features that can make camera sounds unheard when taking pictures. This application can be downloaded for free in the appstore.

First you have to download this application in the app store first.

 How to turn off the Iphone camera sound

Wait a while until the download is complete. After finished opening the application.

 Tutorial on how to turn off the Iphone camera

After you open it, you will see information that this application works with a recording system that you can specify the recording time and recording time interval . to start it you can press Photographing Preparation as shown above.

After that you will be taken to the next page to start taking pictures. You can press the camera icon located in the middle of your screen. As shown below.

 how to turn off the Iphone camera sound

Then a page will appear as you record a video which then has a capture system so you also like taking pictures. This way you can take pictures on your iphone without any annoying sounds. Like the following picture.

 How to Turn Off the Iphone Camera

Now what? Already know how to turn off the Iphone camera sound when taking pictures. So you don't have to worry anymore when you will take a picture uh suddenly your camera sounds. Hopefully this article can be useful. Thank you; -)


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