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Here's How To Print PDF 1 Sheet 2 Pages (100% Successful)

The document file format that is often used to publish documents on the internet is PDF. We certainly can find or see some tutorials, journals, lecture materials or schools on the internet in the form of PDF format .

Besides being able to facilitate us in reading documents in PDF format, we can also easily print PDF files and take them everywhere. To print or print journals or papers, we definitely want to save paper as much as possible when we print, right?

How to Print PDF 1 Sheet 2 Pages

Saving paper when printing can be done 2 ways, the first way by reprinting back and forth and the second way by printing several pages into one sheet. The first way I have explained in the previous tutorial about how to print PDF back and forth.

Now, I will share how to print PDF 2 pages on 1 sheet only. So, can save paper and expenses certainly right? Especially for school or college children. Immediately, follow the steps – how to print PDF 1 sheet 2 pages below.

1. First, please find the pdf file that you want to print back and forth.

2. Please right-click on the file. Then, please select Open with . Then, please click on Adobe Reader . As shown below:

 open with

3. Then, if the pdf file is open, please click File in the top left hand corner of your menu. As shown below:

 how to print PDF 1 sheet 2 pages for beginners

4. Then, please select Print . As shown below:

 click print

5. Then, please click on Page Setup in your lower left corner. As shown below:

 page setup

6. Then, please choose your print paper size. For example here you use A4 paper, then please select A4 in the size column. Then, you can also adjust the orientation of your paper whether portrait or landscape . Then, please click Ok . As in the picture below.

 tutorial on how to print PDF 1 sheet 2 pages

7. Then, please click on Multiple located in the Page Sizing & Handling section. As shown below:

 click multiple

8. Then, please select option 2 in the Pages per sheet section. As in the picture below.

 pages per sheet

The aim is to make 1 sheet containing 2 different pages.

9. Then, you can also adjust the page position by selecting an option on the Page Order. There will be a choice of horizontal, horizontal reversed, vertical, and also vertical reversed . Please choose according to your wishes.

 This is how to print PDF 1 sheet 2 pages

10. Done Please click Print to start the print process. As in the picture below.


NB: In addition to making 2 pages on the same sheet, you can also make multiple pages on 1 sheet, be it 3, 4 , 5, 6 and so on. You can set it according to your wishes. Then, how is it done? Here are the steps, please just follow it.

In the Pages per sheet section there are blank columns that you can fill in. Well, that's where you set it. You must first select the Custom option first. Then, please fill in the empty boxes as you wish.

The empty boxes mean the number of columns and rows to put the number of pages on one sheet. For example here, I made 5 by 3 . It means that I made 5 columns and 3 rows . Then the pages will automatically be arranged according to the columns and rows that I created.


That's all for this tutorial on how to print PDF 1 sheet 2 pages easily. Hopefully this tutorial can be useful. Thank you ?


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