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Here's how to open a shop on Tokopedia on an Android phone (the latest 2018)

In an era of increasingly sophisticated technology, selling online is quite tempting. How come? Its reach is wide, you don't need to be tired of opening a shop that even requires large capital or traveling around selling merchandise. In this all-digital and practical world, you only need to prepare a smartphone, internet quota and products to be sold. It's easy enough, isn't it?

Indeed, many have used social media such as Instagram, Line, Whatsapp or even websites to sell However, there is a more applicable and more controlled media, namely Marketplace. Marketplace that comes from the word "market" which means market. As with the market in general, this one market is also a place to buy and sell goods, as well as meeting buyers and sellers. It's just that this market is online. Moreover, the increasing use of the internet makes business people use the marketplace to develop business through the internet.

At this time, people tend to be more comfortable shopping 1945 because the items that are located are regular. Unlike the case when shopping at the store, which requires more energy and time to be able to linger in choosing and buying something. Not to mention, if the item is not ready .

One example of the largest marketplace in Indonesia is Tokopedia. Lately a number of marketplaces are competing to attract users by offering best deals in each application. Such as free shipping offer, or cashback up to 70%. This certainly can attract many users to use a marketplace that provides many conveniences for consumers to shop online.

How do I open a store on Tokopedia? Check out the following explanation.

How to Open a Store in Tokopedia

Here is how to open a store in Tokopedia, step by step with an explanation of the picture. To open a store on Tokopedia, you must install the Tokopedia application on your smartphone.

1. Before opening a store, you must have an account first. On the main page, click the toogle menu in the left corner.

 how to open the store in tocopedia

2. If you have not registered, please select the list or if you already have an account and want to enter, please select the menu. Enter .  how to open the store in tocopedia at HP

3. Here you can enter through the Google account Facebook Cellphone Number or Yahoo . I will log in through a Google account, because everyone must have a google account.

 how to open a store in tocopedia easily

4. Select the Google account that you will use to enter Tokopedia.

 How to open a store in tocopedia

5. Well, there will be a Tokopedia home or dashboard as shown below. If you want to open a shop, click the toogle menu in the upper left corner.

 Tokopedia home or dashboard

6. Furthermore, many menus appear as shown below. Select the menu Open the Shop which is located at the bottom of the menu.

 Select the Open Store menu

7. Next, fill in the data Store Name and Store Domain . This store name is up to you, according to your needs because later this shop is your own managed. The Shop Domain is also filled in to distinguish your store from other stores.

 fill in Store Name and Store Domain data

8. Step 1 Fill in the data Shop Slogans and Shop Descriptions . Both data are optional. The point is that it can be filled, may not. However, it is advisable to fill it out, so that consumers understand what store he is visiting, such as selling any product or anything about your store. Click Next, to go to the next step.

 Fill in the Store Slogan and Store Description data

9. Step 2 Delivery Location . Complete your shipping location such as City and Postal Code where you send products to consumers. You can also add Pinpoint location but this is optional. Where pinpoint location is useful if you use Express couriers such as Go-Send or Grab Express. Click Next, to go to the next step.

 Complete your shipping location

10. Step 3 Courier Service . Choose what courier service you will use in shipping. Click Next, to go to the next step.

 Step 3, Courier Service

11. It turns out you have arrived at the end of the steps to open a store. Congratulations, you have successfully opened a shop in Tokopedia.

 steps to open a store

12. Reopen the toogle menu in the top left corner of Tokopedia home. See the bottom menu containing the name of the store that you have filled in above.

 See the bottom menu containing

13. Click Add Product, to add what products you will sell on Tokopedia.

 Click Add Product

14. Next, complete your product data. Starting from product images, product names, categories, storefronts and even prices.

 complete your product data

How easy, isn't it? For an explanation of how to open a store in Tokopedia, hopefully it is useful and you can use it to open a shop without large capital and make it easier for you to sell online. Thank you and congratulations on trying the tutorial above!


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