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Here's how to make powerpoint 3D effects for beginners!

3D objects have more appeal than 2D. 3D objects display images that are more real and alive with a combination of length, width and depth. In terms of manufacturing, of course 3D objects are more difficult than 2D. The choice of 3D effects on powerpoint has a tendency to presentations that attract the attention of audiences.

However, displaying 3D effects in powerpoint is not too difficult. Powerpoint provides several features needed when creating 3D effects. You only need to select the object you want to display, followed by setting the object feature which consists of cropping / cropping frame, and deletion background .

How to Make Powerpoint 3D Effects [19659006] To make 3D powerpoint, you can take advantage of the features that have been provided. You are required to be creative by applying various choices of objects to be used. Here I use images / photos as to take objects contained in them. Choose photos that are not too crowded to avoid errors during object selection.

Here are the steps to create a 3D effect for images on powerpoint.

1. Open your power point.

 How to Create a Powerpoint 3D Effect

2. Enter one of the images that you want to make a 3D object.  insert a picture

3. Copy image to 2. This is done because later it will take two images to form a 3D effect.  How to Make a Powerpoint 3D Effect

4. Next, click the first image. Select the Format menu then in the Picture Styles section click Simple Frame, White . This stage will make the framed image with the outer margin white. Click the first picture and select format menu, then choose a frame ” width=”670″ height=”445″ />

5. Next, click again on the first image. Still on the Format menu, click the Crop section . Select the Crop to Shape option so that it appears in various shapes that are distorted. Here I choose the trapezoid shape as shown in arrow number 5.  How to Make a Powerpoint 3D Effect

6. Then, the first image changes as shown below.  click the first pic, set the size

7. Next, the first image is cut. Click the first image, then select the Format menu . On the menu, select Crop so that the frame appears on the first image that can be drawn. Specify the cropping area with the crop frame.  How to Make 3D Powerpoint

8. After the above method, click again Crop so that the first image is successfully cut as shown in the picture below.  and your first pic will be like

9. Next, click the second image then on the Format menu, choose Remove Background . At this stage the image will be selected to be separated where the object and background of the image are.  How to Make Powerpoint 3D

10. Then, the image appears with an object with a pink background on the second image. Adjust the size frame to cover the entire object you want to take in the second image. Click remove background ” width=”670″ height=”353″ />

11. When you have finished arranging the objects in the image, click Keep Changes to process the second image in the object retrieval.  select pic

12. You will find a second image without a background. Cut the second image. Adjust the first image. Set the frame size crop, click Crop to crop objects.  click

13. After that, drag or drag the second image to complete the appearance of the first image.  drag the second after crop

14. The image is arranged to form the actual image displayed.  and make in one picture

15. The results of the 3D object on powerpoint were successfully created.  3d pic was set

How to create a 3D powerpoint object in this image requires the creativity you have. Try to select images / photos with a contrast ratio between objects and background so that when deletion the background does not have a problem. The other 3D effects that you can apply are by applying the features shadows, reflection and others that you can find in the shape format.

These are steps to create 3D objects in powerpoint. Respond by posting your comments in the column below. Good luck and thank you.


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