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Here's how to make folders in Gmail very easy!

Are you a Gmail user? The current existence of Gmail is well known for its lightweight and responsive system. The task is almost the same as other e-mail platforms, which only send messages in the form of text, files, or images. The simple appearance makes us free to explore in it.

Gmail accounts are also often used in everyday life, especially if the account has been connected to several media such as social media or other applications that tell you to sign up or Login using email. In other words, the gmail inbox will be flooded with incoming e-mails every day. Of course, you will have trouble managing each incoming email.

There are also many emails that are reluctant to read because they are not so important for now, and delete them is not an option. You can still save it neater so it doesn't meet your 1945 mailbox inbox. By using folders or we usually call them labels, you can group these emails into folders. How do I create a folder in Gmail? It's easy! Come on, see the explanation below.

How to Create a Folder in Gmail

Here is an explanation of how to create a folder in Gmail via a computer or laptop.

1. You must open the site Gmail.com first.

2. Enter your email and password, then login .

3. After that, the display will appear as below. On the 19459006 sidebar to the left. Click drop-down menu located in the section. .  how to create a folder in gmail

4. Then, to create a folder, select the section Create a new label .

 how to create a folder in gmail

5. Then, a pop-up dialog box will appear as below. Fill in the name of the label in the available column. You do not need to select the Enter label section below, because it is optional (may be checked, also may not). After you fill in the name of the label, click Create .

 how to create a folder on gmail via PC

6. Now, the folder or label that you have filled in will appear on the left sidebar. We need to note that the folder is still empty.

 folder or label

7. If you want to fill in the folder named 19459010 projects, you have to open inbo x or inbox. Then, check the small box located on the left side of an email. Select and check which e-mail you will enter into the folder.

 fill in a folder named projects

8. After that, select the folder icon to move the email. Later, any folder that already exists will exit. You just have to choose which folder you need to save the email.

9. Now, the folder named projects already contained the e-mail that you previously marked.

 was named projects

Easy, right? An explanation of how to create a folder in Gmail via PC. Hopefully useful and can help you organize gmail content to be neater. It is recommended to filter the email correctly, so that not too many folders will be created. Thank you and congratulations on trying the tutorial above!


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