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Here's how to make colored posts on WhatsApp, easy!

Who is not familiar with the most popular messaging application today? Yes, WhatsApp is one of the social networks that has the most users. The feature enhancements given to this instant messaging application are also done to satisfy its users. From time to time, WhatsApp that continued to update turned out to add to the attractiveness of new users and old users themselves.

WhatsApp, which was already installed by Facebook, turned out to increase WhatsApp's popularity. After its popularity defeated chat applications like LINE, WeChat, Telegram and others, WhatsApp residents were shocked by the addition of the latest innovations, namely writing styles such as thick, slanted, crossed and stretched when sending messages. The writing style can be done by adding a few codes such as *, _, ~, and "` at the beginning and end of the writing.

Then how to make font fonts for writing on WhatsApp? In this case, WhatsApp does not provide features or functions in order to make colored writing. However, you do not worry in this article will explain about how to make colored writing on WhatsApp . Let's look at the explanation below.

How to Make Colored Posts on WhatsApp

Different things to make the writing style thick, tilted, stray and tenuous that just add certain codes at the beginning and at the end of the writing. Making writing into color must use a third party application because WhatsApp does not provide this feature to the instant messaging application.

Therefore, we must download and install the third party application first on our device. Well, what is the name of the third party application? On this occasion, I used the 1945 Art application . Just follow the steps on how to make colored writing on Whatsapp below.

1. Download and install the Text Art application on the playstore or appstore.

2. After that open the Text Art application> then type the writing in the available column> click OK .

 how to make colored posts on whatsapp easily

3. Then select Change colors to select a color.

 3 - choose change colors

4. Select the desired color. You can also choose a color for the color of the writing as well as the background or background of the writing.

 how to make colored writing on whatsapp

5. After selecting the color, please return to the previous section by select the Back button . If you have finished selecting color, just send it to WhatsApp by select Send TextArt in the upper right corner area.

 5 - send 6. Next select the WhatsApp application .

 6 - select wa

7. Select your WhatsApp contact .

 how to make colored posts on whatsapp

8. Then select the Send button, which is indicated by the red arrow below.

 how to make colored posts on whatsapp

9. Making colored posts on WhatsApp has been done successfully .

 9 - finished

Easy isn't it how to make colored writing on WhatsApp ? The Text Art application can not only be used on WhatsApp but in other instant messaging applications such as LINE, WeChat, Telegram, Twitter and many other applications. Besides being free, the application turned out to be in the top 5 top art and design applications. This application is also very light used for smartphones that have low specifications. However, unfortunately this application only sent text in the form of images instead of text . However, overall this application is very suitable and I recommend it to you.

Some other applications did not work on my smartphone. So that only this application I recommend to you. If you have other alternatives in using third-party applications to make colored posts on WhatsApp, you can share them in the comments column below. So this article and hopefully useful for you. Keep visiting Nesabamedia to get other interesting information.


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