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Here's how to make any application on Windows have a tab, cool!

For those of us who have never been far from a Laptop / Computer, where daily activities are using a laptop / computer, of course we always use several applications on a laptop / computer repeatedly. We are often bored with one application, so we often replace it with this application, replace it again with that application. Exit the Exchange to find a new application that you like.

So far, the feature is often encountered in web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. However, the tab feature is only used in a few applications on Windows. Very few applications that can compose neat and orderly tabs which can help us to increase productivity.

Although it makes no sense to enter the tab window for certain applications such as Music Microsoft Word etc. , but it can certainly work like for some other applications where you need to switch between windows more often. In fact, this feature is very useful for grouping many open application windows.

Apparently there are applications that can make many applications have tabs and groups. With this application we can create, organize and organize tabs with various applications. What application is that? And how do I use it?

Now, this time I will share about how to make any application on Windows have a tab. The method is easy and simple. Just follow the steps below, yes.

How to make any application on Windows has a tab

1. Please download first "Tidy Tabs" . How to? Please open your browser. Then, type "www.nurgo-software.com/pricing/tidytabs" . For simplicity, please click here . After that, a page will appear to download the application. This app is paid if you download the Professional. If you don't want to pay, please choose the Personal only because it's free, but the features are not as complete as the Professional. As shown below.


2. Then, if it has been downloaded. Please install, and follow the instructions. After the install process is complete, just try it. Please point Mouse to the top of the application, it will appear as in the red box below.


3. Then, please drag the application into another application. Then, the application will have Tab above it. Like the picture below.


Now, how? It's easy and simple right? Now all applications on our Laptop / Computer have tabs, making it easier for us to open and access them simultaneously. However, if you use the TidyTabs application for free or Personal you can only create three tabs only in one group. While the paid version or Professional you can create more than three tabs in one group.

That's how to make any application on Windows have an easy tab that you can try. If this article can help you, please share it with your friends so that they also know how to make any application on Windows have a tab easily. Hopefully this article can be useful for all of us. If there are writing errors please forgive. Thank you 🙂


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