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Here's how to make an interesting PowerPoint presentation!

Making presentations is a skill that should be owned by each individual or professional individual. This is closely related to work, especially your ability to sell, whether it is selling products, work or skills within you. To make a presentation, of course you cannot be careless. Maybe, instead of being interested, the client will be ilfeel with your work.

In making presentations, we must take into account several things so that the results of our presentations can be more interesting and leave a good impression for the audience. Maybe some of these tips can help:

1. Visual Hierarchy . In a presentation, you will more easily understand a presentation that has a hierarchy or a visual sequence. Suppose the Topic Title is given a larger and thicker font size, then the sub-topic will be given a slightly smaller size and the contents will be given a normal size. Also add an image that matches the topic in the slide so that your slide will become more interesting.

2. Slide Layout Design . When you make slides about teaching materials that are very boring themes for the audience, it is very possible for them to not pay attention to your presentation and even leave the room because it's so sleepy. You must be able to make a difference in each discussion so that the presentation does not seem boring. Add images or animation in each discussion. Beautify slides that contain conclusions, so that the audience can more easily digest the topics that you bring in.

3. The main idea of ​​this point is, place the right type of font on the right topic . Avoid mixing fonts on the initial slide, because it will be very vulnerable for you to screw it up. Use thick fonts of large size (about> 30pt) for normal titles and fonts with regular size (18pt) for content.

4. Color can change the feel of the entire contents of the presentation and the mood of the audience. Use bright colors for presentations that seem casual and dark for presentations that are more serious.

5. In addition to the above, you are also highly recommended to pay attention to details . Some of them such as adding transitions and animations, adding multimedia files such as video files, or interesting graphs and tables, adding icons and also images that are relevant to the topic being discussed will greatly help the audience to understand the topic and not infrequently also become one of the determining indicators the audience is at home in his seat listening to your explanation.

How to Make an Attractive PowerPoint Presentation

Another thing that needs to be observed is the presentation template. Often the audience feels bored when you see the presentation template that's all that.

It's a good idea to try to find alternatives by looking for other templates from the internet. We will write a few tips on how to use the free template after downloading.

1. First of all, please visit a site that provides free presentation templates on the internet. One that you can use is the site https://www.free-power-point-templates.com/themes/ . Take a look and download a presentation template that is suitable for the topic you are about to submit.

 How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation

2. Then after downloading or downloading, open the folder where you saved the template file, then click 2 times as a sign that you opened the ppt file or presentation.

 How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation

3. Furthermore, the Microsoft Power Point application or other presentation processing application will open the file.

4. You can also directly edit the results of the download. You can change the Font and slide contents according to your wishes and needs.

 How to Make PowerPoint

Making presentations is basically not a difficult thing to do but cannot be said easily. To make it you also have to understand the market segment and audience who will see the presentation so that they can better understand the content of your presentation. So we wrote this article related to the type of making an interesting presentation. Hopefully it can add to our knowledge.


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