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Here's how to make an Apple ID on an iPhone easily (latest 2018)

Iphone is a smartphone that is enjoyed by many people. In addition to its beautiful shape, there are several features on the iPhone that are not on Android, one of which is Apple ID.

Apple ID is the account that is used to access apple services. This ID is needed when downloading applications in the App Store, buying content on I-Tunes, connecting devices to iCloud, and others.

How to Make an Apple ID on the Iphone

This time I will share how to create an Apple ID on the iphone. The iphone that I use is iphone 5. All right, I'll just share the methods below:

1. Open the setting menu ("19459007] Settings" ). The settings menu is marked with a gray gear icon (⚙️) and is usually displayed on the home screen . Like the picture below.

 How to Make an Apple ID on the Iphone

2. Then, press Enter your iphone. This option is at the very top of the menu. As shown below.

 fill in the settings

3. Then, choose Don't have an Apple ID or forget? which is under Password. Like the picture below.

 How to Make an Apple ID on the Iphone 4. then a dialog box will appear with options for Apple ID and Forget Appl ID e. Select for an Apple ID as shown below.  for id

5. Then Enter your Date of Birth. Slide the selection in the column for the month, day, and year below the page to enter the date of birth, then press Next located at the top right corner. As shown below.

 Guide on How to Make an Apple ID on the Iphone

6. Then enter your First and Last Name in the available column. Like the picture below. After that, click the next one located at the top right corner of the screen.

 fill in the name 7. Choose the email address you want to use. To use an existing e-mail address, select Current e-mail address or if you want to use an e-mail address from iCloud, eat Free e-mail address from iCloud and follow the next command displayed on the screen. Here I use an existing email address. as shown below

 chose email 8. Enter your email address. This address will be your new Apple ID. Then press the next one at the far right of the screen.

 How to Make an Apple ID 9. Enter and verify the new password . Type your password in the appropriate column. Before creating a new password, you must first read the conditions that must be fulfilled for writing the password at the bottom. as shown below.

 enter password

10. Then type your phone number in the available column, first select your country first, which also has a telephone code from your country. This telephone number is used to verify your identity. You can choose to verify from Text Message or Voice Calls. As below.

 filled in the telephone number

11. Enter the verification code. Enter the six-digit verification code that you received. If the number is the number on your iphone, the iPhone can recognize it and fill the code automatically. Then press next, as follows.

 enter the verification code

12. Terms and Conditions. If you want to get information on terms and conditions via email, touch the option "Send Via Email "on the screen. If you agree, press agree that is in the lower right corner of your screen. As shown below.

 terms and conditions

13. Then choose agree again which indicates that you agree to the terms and conditions of iOS, iCloud and Game Center. As follows.  approval of terms and conditions

14. Wait for the process to enter iCloud.

 process of entering iCloud

15. After that, in the middle of entering the iCloud you will be asked to enter the iphone passcode. This code is the key code specified when you adjust the device settings.

 enter the iphone passcode

16. After that you will be asked to verify your e-mail.

 The apple id was finished

17. Then it will enter a message to your email containing the link for verification. as shown below.

 email verification

18. After finishing verification, then you have finished making an Apple ID and entering the iPhone using the ID and can use the ID.

 id apple after verification

NB : You must use wifi to do this.

So how? It's easy, right? Now you can easily make an Apple ID on the iPhone. So you don't need to come to the iphone store just to create an ID.

That's the way to make an Apple ID easily. If this article helps, let's share it with friends. Hopefully this article can be useful for all of us. If there is an error in this article please forgive. Thank you 🙂


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