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Here's How to Make a Garena PB Account, Very Suitable for Beginners!

Have you ever heard of Point Blank? Of course, this game is very familiar among Game lovers. Point Blank, or known as PB, is a computer game that has a FPS genre (1945 19453) First Person Shooter or a game performed with a shootout, so that it involves two or more players to play together through the virtual world connected to the network. internet.

Before starting this game, you must have an ID Point Blank account first. The conditions are quite easy, you just have to register the account with your active email address. Then, what are the steps to create a Garena PB account?

In this article, you can get the answer on how to create a Garena PB account. So, for those of you who are still confused thinking about how to register, let's look at the steps below.

How to Create a Garena PB Account

Basically, if you want to play a new Point Blank game you have to create a Garena account. Why ? Because, Point Blank includes games owned by Garena. By creating a Garena account, you can play Garena's games, such as Point Blank, League Of Leagends Indonesia and Heroes Of Newerth.

To make this Garena account quite easy, you have to use your email address who is still active. This is used so that the security of your account is guaranteed by Garena. The following will explain the steps in creating a Garena account.

Step 1 : First, please visit the official website Garena to register.

 How to Make Garena PB account

Step 2 : Fill in the form with valid data, if the data is invalid then a warning will appear that the data is incorrect or available as shown. After completing the data, click the Register Now .

 Fill in the form

Step 3 : If your registration is successful, the following window will appear stating the process Your registration is successful. If you want to log in, then click the button Login Now .

 How to Create a Garena PB Account

Step 4 : To do the Login process, you need " Garena's email / username " which was previously registered along with your " Password" . Then click the button Login Now.

 how to create a new PB Garena account

Step 5 : If you have successfully logged in, then you will go to Garena's main page, as shown below.

 How to Create a Garena PB Account

The steps above can help you to easily create a Garena account. However, to further enhance its security, you can verify the account using your active email address or mobile number. Then Garena will send the code to the address to complete the verification process .

Well, that's the article I can explain about how to create a Garena PB account very easily. So for those of you who are beginners, this article really helps you to get started preparing to play the Point Blank game. Good luck and thanks.


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